Best Surface Pro For Drawing 2023


Sketching and drawing on the laptop is a creative process as you fill an empty page with the landscape, a portrait, magnificent-looking motion pictures, a story, a still life, or whatever else your heart desires.

For drawing and creating art pieces, you need an artistic or drawing laptop. As far as a drawing laptop is concerned, there is no better option than Surface Pros. The Surface Pro is one of the top-line choices for artists because it offers a responsive screen for on-the-go drawing; it is ideal for comic journalists and specialists and everyone who wants to draw their creativity.

Whether you are a professional vector artist or just a seedling artist, Surface Pro boosts your artistic impression by providing you the flexible working ability to draw. One more silver lining of surface pro laptops is they are multitasking; perform multiple functions in one shot!

Are you excited about Surface Pro Devices? Do you want to buy one for yourself to bring your creative heart out? Well, you are thinking great. But keep in mind, every Surface Pro is not meant to be yours. You should buy the one which offers the most innovatively progressed Surface screen.

If you are getting stressed and wondering how you can figure out which is the best Surface Pro, no worries. We are here to serve you again.

After long research, we have enlisted very good quality products for you; these affordable and portable screens will help you see an extensive improvement in your drawing style.

So, why wait for more? Let’s review our Best Surface Pro For Drawing!

If you just want to unfold the top-notch Surface Pro, no need to undergo the entire list; just crack Microsoft Surface Pro 7. It is the 2022 top-selling Surface Pro for drawing due to its exclusive ultra-slim design, superior execution, and show quality. In short, it is a great deal for creative artists.

So, it is time to review our products and let your aestheticism flow and draw something crazy on these amazing hybrid or convertible screens.

If you are interested to know why Surface Pro is considered the most commendable and impeccable laptop, read our answer. Otherwise, you can directly move on to our comparison table or product review.

Why Do Artists Need Surface Pro Screens?

Surface Pro is a powerful gadget that is a dream tablet for artists. Artists can use these Surface Pros for multitasking: sketching video games, traditional drawing, and painting, annotating, drawing, or taking notes.

In a nutshell, Surface Pro is the best slate for graphic designers. The comfort, features, and performance it delivers are matchless.

The best Microsoft Surface Pro Screens are rich in graphics as you can get better motion control, which is incredible for sketching or doodling on the go.

The features of Surface Pro are endless; one after another feature is artist-centered and favors them to create their creativity in all ways. One of those examples is no screen bleeding; in this way, the video sketching becomes convenient as you can see a clean and clear screen that is patch-free and fun to use.

What are Compatible Softwares for Surface Pro for Drawing?

Surface Pro is a little adaptable PC with a slight LCD or LED PC screen that offers you great chances of sketching. Anyhow, when you want to use a Surface Pro, the software is as necessary as your selected laptop. Actually, compatible software delivers you great options and user-friendly tools for accurate and comfortable drawing.

A few of the software and their purposes are mentioned below; you can pick any of the software you feel comfortable with.

  • Autodesk Sketchbook to sketch
  • Spirality for creating perfect mandalas
  • Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Creative Suite for intense artwork
  • OneNote and Microsoft Whiteboard for notes taking
  • Expressive Pixels for creating pixel arts
  • Index Cards to draw on flashcards
  • Sketches for basic drawing. sketch, draw, color, and doodle
  • Draw A Stickman for drawing video games
  • Procreate for limitless art creativity

So you can use any of this software for a happy painting.

Best Surface Pro For Drawing for 2022

If you have the right Surface Pro, you will get vastly improved performance. Surface Pros are amazing as these offer the best compatibility for your drawing and sketching.

Though many of the Surface Pro-friendly convertibles provide high features, Surface Pro Model, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Apple’s iPad Pro, Microsoft’s Surface Pro, Apple iPad’s are expensive and completely out of range.

In this article, after long research, we have brought Ultra-light and adaptable laptops of different brands. So, these laptops will help you enjoy more accuracy, control, and route of drawing.

Let’s have a look at our selection, but don’t skip our comparison table if you are willing for on-the-go art.

1Microsoft Surface Pro 7● Weight: 1.70 pounds
● Aspect ratio: 3:2
Check Price
2Microsoft Surface Pro LTE● Generation: 5th Generation
● Screen Size: 12.3 Inch
Check Price
3Microsoft Surface Pro 6● Generation: 8th Generation
●Screen Size: 12.3 Inches
Check Price
4Microsoft Surface Pro 4● Memory capacity: 128 GB
● Screen Size: 12.3 inches
Check Price
5Microsoft Surface Pro – 5th Gen● Native Resolution: 2736 x 1824
● Flash Memory Size: 512 GB
Check Price
6Microsoft Surface Pro X● Flash Memory Size: 256 GB
● Screen Size: 13 inches
Check Price

Finally, here comes our most-awaited part!

Microsoft Surface Pro 71.) Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Pleasing Surface Pro Tablet

Surface Pro 7 is a quick-performing screen that quickly receives your instructions and efficiently displays them on the screen. With this next-generation laptop, you can perform multiple functions: typing, playing, drawing, touch just like a pro.

The features that make Surface Pro 7 an elite choice are mentioned below.

Key Features:

Surface Pro 7 is the best-in-class laptop which is the lightest and thinnest; it is the topnotch laptop from the Surface Pro series. This outstanding laptop contains versatile features of both laptop and tablet, so you can convert it into studio and tablet mode within a few seconds.

The light design of this ultraportable laptop won’t burden you ever; hence, you can create your art anywhere you want- boundary-free art. This portability helps you search for an outdoor calming place to bring your true creativity to the tablet’s touch-sensitive screen.

Apart from this standout design, the 10th Gen Intel Core Processor makes it faster and more efficient than Surface Pro 6. The processor of this slam-dunk laptop speeds up the proficiency of your tablet and makes it an ultimate choice for artists.

The wireless connectivity is another pleasing feature that makes you free from the tension of wire tangling. It is Bluetooth (5.0 technology) and Wi-Fi (6: 802.11ax) technology helps in easy and convenient connectivity.

The long battery life of this surface pro helps you work a long day without any interruption. You can take your tablet anywhere along, instead of sitting aside to plug all the time. Indeed, a 10.5 long battery is a great addition to all other favors.

Apart from serving you for long charged hours; this convertible laptop quickly charges from empty to full. The battery level goes from zero to 80 percent in just 1 hour.

 After going through all the features; we can say, it is the best affordable Surface Pro for artists!

  • A top tier PC
  • Lightweight design
  • The best deal for the money
  • Note-taking and drawing tablet
  • Consists of creative hardware of choice
  • A bit absurdity for rich graphics
  • Additional devices costs a lot

Final Verdict:

If your plan is to buy a beautiful and high built drawing laptop, Surface Pro 7 is an outstanding option. Its futuristic approach makes it far better than its old series. Accomplishing university graphic projects or office tasks was never as easy as the Surface Pro 7 has made. So, wake up the artistic side of your life with Surface Pro 7!

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE2.) Microsoft Surface Pro LTE – High-Tech Screens

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE is not only used for creating designs but is also a top-line Surface Pro for content creators. This versatile Surface Pro LTE is a great punch to drawing as it supports all types of software that are essential for art.

Key Features:

Microsoft Surface Pro is an outstanding combination of high memory, extensive storage, sharp resolution, and dual-core processor. These all features increase the efficiency of the tablet; eventually, your productivity also boosts up.

Let’s begin with the mobility of this Microsoft Surface Pro; its uncompromising mobility helps you work, study, and create without getting bound to any specific place- you can enjoy everything virtually.

The portable 12.3-inch rich color display shows you a vivid and clear display of whatever you draw; additionally, its 2736 x 1824 makes the images sharp and eye-catching.

You can call Microsoft Surface Pro a powerful laptop because its 5th Generation is adequate for performing your graphic work at a great speed.

Its 8GB RAM supports you in speeding up your daily tasks, you can perform all assignments at a faster speed, you can read, study, and watch HD content through this high memory laptop. Moreover, a 256 GB SSD provides you extensive space to make a folder of every task and store it in it. It includes a sufficient storage capacity to save your digital designs in it.

If you also need to use the keyboard of this tablet, the keys feel more profound and bouncier; hence, your creativity becomes hurdle-free. So, for drawing your high-level graphic projects, you can use your stylus and keyboard keys simultaneously.

These bouncier keys also exceed your typing speed and help you in content writing; therefore, we have already mentioned that we have filtered multitasking laptops for you.

You don’t need to be worried about the stylus or pen safety because the pen attaches to the Surface magnetically, so it always remains handy. What a power pack!

  • Excellent Value for money
  • Impressively easy portability
  • Greater storage capacity
  • Fantastic stylus or pen precision
  • Provides flexibility studio and a tablet
  • Not much ergonomic
  • Charger dying risks are higher

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a Surface Pro that gives you space to draw, design, and perform every kind of artwork, Microsoft Surface Pro LTE is the best fit. Its type Cover keyboard-&-trackpad combo is a great relief for the users as it helps to type and touch simultaneously. Overall, a fantastic deal!

Do you want to get something else, which is more affordable but competitive? Scroll down further!

Microsoft Surface Pro 63.) Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – High-Spec Laptop

Here we have one more surface pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 6. Microsoft Surface Pros 6 includes Surface Pro’s artistic appearance and somehow demanding features just like Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

A tablet is certainly worth a look but let’s see what else it offers apart from the look; stay along!

Key Features:

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is a fine compact multitasker that offers you a 256GB SSD to create your designs and store them on your laptop. Isn’t it great? Draw as much as you can and keep saving your rough and final drafts for your future.

If we turn towards the memory, this remarkable surface pro provides you 8 GB of memory that speeds up your work speed. So you can open multiple tabs at once, run multiple applications, and perform endless tasks at once.

Here we will turn our attention towards the processor of this Surface Pro 6: LTK-00003 Intel Core i5 8th Gen processor is marvelous as far as the price is concerned. The combination of core i5 and 8th generation adorably serve you, as it supports your gaming, increases the efficiency of your daily tasks, and also creates a bigger edge for laptop drawing.

Now you can create uninterrupted designs and show them in the market to earn your name as a graphic designer. The speed, storage, and processor of this convertible laptop deliver you a stronger platform to make whatever is in your mind.

The display 12.3-inch with PixelSense Technology supports every touch on the screen, you can touch with a stylus, pen, or finger, your PixelSense Technology will sense everything and gives an edge to the artists. The benefits of PixelSense Technology are no more secret now.

In addition to the display, the resolution of this touchscreen laptop also facilitates drawing. The 2736 x 1824 resolution helps to have a brighter and sharper screen, which helps draw enthusiasts as they can clearly inspect their eerie stroke, reduce their shortcomings, and come up with a fantastic and final masterpiece.

Just like a more extensive glass trackpad, the keypad of this Surface Pro is also extensive that helps you in multi-touch and lets you give smooth and faster instructions by this touchpad. The glass touch is just like an android.

Thanks to its lightweight, compact size, ultra-portable design, and long battery that adds charm to its mobile productivity. The portability of Microsoft’s tablet computer makes it equally the best fit for kids and elders.

This Touchscreen Detachable 2-in-1 Laptop supports Windows 10 Home that lets you enjoy all the features of Windows 10. This Window 10 is feasible to operate Office 365, doing complex compositions such as linework or colorwork. Further, it is also great for the professional Windows new painting app Fresco; this app helps in creating the latest designs by using its revolutionized tool on the tablet.

  • Well-designed kickstand
  • A convertible structure
  • A fine compact multitasker
  • Easy and quick WiFi connectivity
  • A front-facing webcam
  • Wears out early

Final Verdict:

Surface Pro 6 has made numerous selling records due to its  genuine optics of the screen, quality webcam, and versatility. Though its design is not that compatible its features are remarkable so if high features are your priority, buy this elite-class Surface Pro for drawing! Enjoy productivity on the go!

Microsoft Surface Pro 44.) 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Vector artists need to create conventional processing assignments, exclusive digital illustration, and many such tasks; these tasks are only possible when you have a competitive surface pro. The responsive touch screen of this Surface Pro makes the drawing easier as you can give and comfortable instructions to your laptop.

This high-end tablet Pro 4 can handle more graphic work due to its dedicated features; a few of those are:

Key Features:

Though expecting high performance from Surface Pro 4 seems impossible but it can perform multiple tasks at once: supports natural and effective composing, focused on imaginative experts, complex spreadsheet capacities; additionally, less-graphically-escalated games, less expensive workstations.

The creative hardware of this Surface Pro makes you free of your art skills, you never feel any interruption while drawing something, the immersive display supports every feature you want. Your drawing becomes smooth on it, just like butter and cream.

Microsoft’s PixelSense shows that its screen has a high level of pressure sensitivity, so when you use a stylus or pen, it quickly displays the output on the screen. This pressure-sensitive screen never shows any input lagging.

This Surface Pro is like PC substitution without a console but its high-tech features provide creativity with Binging on Abstract, Drag Race on Netflix.

The Stereo Dolby Audio-enhanced sound of this tablet helps you take the drawing tutorials, play your favorite games, and watch movies.

This Microsoft Tablet comes with various accessories and one of those is the new Alcantara Type Cover that increases sonication, comfort, and style of the tablet

  • Offers extra port for SSD card
  • Incorporated a USB-C port
  • Customizable and ultra-convenient
  • Contains lot of unplugged power
  • Very remarkable PC substitution
  • Remarkable GPS capability support
  • Mouse pointer freezes
  • Keyboard is not included

Final Verdict:

This 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro 4, presently has lower idleness that makes you actively use and process all applications of your laptop. Additionally, this Microsoft tablet runs Windows that is also supportive to almost every application. Hence, you can enjoy your drawing, reading, typing, gaming, and movies on this amazing tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro – 5th Gen5.) Microsoft Surface Pro – 5th Gen

Microsoft Surface Pro is an exclusive tablet that provides portability and data security, no matter what you play, save, or upload in this device remains safe. Its security and latest features are edges for multitasking operations, particularly sketching, drawing, and painting.

The more features of this drawing-supportive surface pro are mentioned below:

Key Features:

Though this Surface Pro is 12.3 inches and it is not as highest-rated as the 15-ish-inch model, its rest features are marvelous. The more profound blacks and lively hues of this Microsoft Pro provide you exclusive display colors so you can see your every drawn picture clearly. Never if any curve, line, or stroke gets missed; in this way, your final version becomes worth watching.

The high processor of this table lets you install and run your favorite software and in this way, you can enjoy the user-friendly features and tools of that software.

This multitasking surface pro lets you perform multiple tasking as drawing, media delivering, and encoding.

The sublime palm location with the subtlety of the Pen gives you easy to locate it and draw whatever you want on your digital slate. This laptop comes with a vastly improved type cover that comes with moving keys that are easy to type and use. This type of cover protects your tablet when it is not in use as it and by pressing a power button it automatically turns on.

The aspect ratio is less restrictive and in this way, you can see a better size and quality of image, even when you realize it.

The latest Windows PC working framework of this lapti supports all the software and apps so you can make your drawing more comfortable and handy.

A better Surface Pen of this surface pro helps you in drawing and sketching your projects; this slim surface pen exceptionally touches sensitively that quickly proceeds with your instructions and shows them on the screen without lagging. Additionally, it is a rechargeable pen whose battery remains charged for longer.

  • An A4-ish tablet
  • Adversary 2-in-1 workstations
  • A commendable PC elective
  • Wireless- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Port for magnetic charging
  • Battery creates issue

Final Verdict:

If you want to get your high-level sketching done on a commendable tablet, you can use this 5th Gen Microsoft Pro. Its connectivity and innovative features are worthy for graphic students and professionals, so get this printer and enjoy strong mileage of drawing.

Microsoft Surface Pro X6.) Microsoft Surface Pro X

This Pro X tablet is packed with top-notch features as its name indicates pretty well. This 13-inch laptop is for creatives, artists, and sketchers who have chosen art as their career. Its compact size and vivid display make you take it anywhere along with you. You can take it in your colleges, universities, and anywhere you want to enjoy your creativity. This on-go Pro X makes you enjoy your drawing even when you are on board as you are not meant to stop or wait.

 This aspiring tablet includes undeniable features and those are:

Key Features:

If you are looking for a Surface Pro that can entertain you from the display to its performance, our recommendation would be Pro X. It’s different from other Surface Pros due to its bigger display, compact size, and keen price.

If you are a graphic designer, work on competitive software and do digital mark-making, Surface Pro X can help you in all these demanding tasks. Regardless of what you want, drawing in a digital format, drawing on flashcards, drawing on a touch screen, everything is convenient with this Pro X.

The well-implemented kickstand helps it stand easily in all modes: tent, laptop, studio, and tablet. This kickstand gives you comfort and helps you to efficiently use all modes; this easy-to-use Surface Pro ensures that your productivity is not mode-restricted.

This tablet is supportive to all drawing software; um, it is better to say, it is an ultimate choice for Adobe Illustrator, photoshop, and circuit, etc. many times the software that high-grade laptops are not supporting, this Microsoft Surface Pro X gives you a chance to install them.

The stunning new black color, smoother new dark shell, sleek design, and attractive curves of this Surface Pro seems very appealing; apart from chassis, burgundy and cobalt-blue hues of this tablet are very supportive for artists. This Surface Pro avoids unbiased hues so you see what color you use.

Such a desired feature at 1,299$ makes it the best budget Surface Pro for creative artists.

  • Offers a USB-A port
  • Has the longer battery life
  • Helps to hear the music loud
  • A lot quicker at preparing
  • Contains better control over minor details
  • Doesn’t su[port Spotify and 1Password App

Final Verdict:

If you want to experience the best execution with Intel Core Processor, stop browsing more and buy Surface Pro X. It is a combination of all the royal features that a pro sketcher requires but it’s a good fit for both beginners and pros. Luckily, this Pro X serves you more than its price.

So these were the most-favorite Surface Pro of all time. You can confidently pick any of these. Now, we are going to plunge into buying guides.

Buying Guide for the Microsoft’s Tablet Computers:

If you want to know how you can pick the best Windows tablets with affordability; no worries, this buying guide will help you a lot. In this guide, we have briefed every factor that you should consider while you’re in the market or placing an order online.o points!

1.) Quality:

For buying a top-notch Surface Pro for drawing, you need to consider the quality of your convertible tablet not only the features. Great quality will provide durability and strength to your smart laptops; hence, this way, you can enjoy their presence more.

Low-quality Surface Pros will lose their worth.

2.) Design:

Design is also a primary concern for artists; when it comes to designing, people are stuck between laptops and tablets because many times they like the keyboard attached with the laptop but on another time it becomes inconvenient. Hence, now hybrid laptops (convertible), help the artists to switch in any form (tablet or laptop) within one second.

3.) Processor:

A processor is designed to perform all the integral commands and instructions in a computer. You can go with Intel or AMD depending upon your needs and the load of the work you want to do. It is a thumb rule that dual-core processors meet only your daily basis needs but you require quad-core processors to increase the processing ability and efficiency of your laptop.

4.) RAM:

Nowadays, even artists also need a higher RAM to store their memories; commonly, 8 GB is the common memory of laptops but 16GB RAM is the best approach. Meanwhile, if you want to use it for convertible purposes, you can also gander 32 GB of memory.

5.) Battery Life:

Battery life can change your gaming and artist’s experience dramatically. Many times, you need to go off-desk for sketching; therefore, you need to buy a convertible laptop that comes with the longest battery life. Many Surface Pros come with a longer battery life of up to 13.5 hours, so the selection depends upon your price and daily routine. Our recommendation is to buy a lasting battery and enjoy a 10hr to 13hr long battery with Surface Pro.  

So, that’s all about the buying guide; keep these factors in consideration if you want to have a long-term and productive investment. These factors won’t let you have a wrong pick!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is The Surface Pro Good For Gaming?

Yes, Surface Pro is a good choice for gaming. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 is a fantastic device for Windows lovers as they can use this portable laptop, its unparallel features, and its tactile format for gaming purposes. Similarly, many more options, like the flexibility of being a studio and tablet, help in gaming.

Is The Surface Pro 7 Good For Gaming?

Yes, the Surface Pro 7 is a great option for low-intensity gaming. You can not only do word handling and downloading with this Pro 7 but its tenth-era Intel i7 chips also make it compatible with several games.

Its Intel UHD illustrations processor makes you enjoy better quality games with Iris Plus. Intel Iris Plus design holds more power and control over width and force, eventually, play your favorite games and do your high-level sketching. But, current year’s Call of Duty can’t be played on this. All in all, PRo 7 is best for less-graphically-escalated games.

How To Boost Drawing Experience With A Surface Pro?

Following are steps that will help you boost up your drawing experience.

  • Draw lines every time
  • Disable the right click
  • Use padlocks
  • Use touchscreen gestures (zoom-pad, free-form, double-tap, rotate-pan, pan)
  • You can use Adobe Creative Cloud Apps for convenience

Key Takeaway:

If you are an artist or want to pursue art as your career, Surface Pro should be your priority.

Surface Pro tablets come in multiple designs, styles, and characteristics to choose so you have a variety to choose from. We have shortlisted the most pre-eminent options for you.

Though we have selected art-specific products for you yet you can also use them for multiple purposes: for basic everyday computing, everyday programming, and applications. You can run any of the software on the chosen tablets.

Additionally, these next-generation laptops are also adorable in design.

In a nutshell, our all-selected Surface Pro is unique and versatile in its features; so you are free in choosing your Surface Pro and expressing your creativity.


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