Can a laptop processor be changed 2023


Working with a low-quality processor is hard but why you won’t go to make it perfect? Are you wondering if a laptop processor can be changed or not?

I know there are several questions revolving in your mind related to the quality, speed, and features of a laptop processor. Go and read out this complete article to explore it.

Can a laptop processor be changed?

Can a laptop processor be changed


First Thing First-What is a processor?

Processors in a computer allow it to work fast, and more effectively. Your computer’s processor works as efficiently as the power it has. That’s why it is recommended to choose a processor with high processing power.

Is it possible to change a laptop processor?

In this current era of digitization, most of the person use laptop computers for their daily routine. The frequent and consistent use of a laptop may affect its speed. That’s why laptop manufacturers start making CPUs with high processing power but still, some issues can happen that force manufacturers or users to think about the changing processor. In this regard we found a question, can a laptop processor changeable.

The processor that we mostly say CPU is attached to the motherboard. You can also say that some processors are soldered on the motherboard which is almost impossible to remove, repair or reattach it.

On the other hand, some laptop computers do not have a soldered processor. The motherboard itself needs a process to activate all the work properly.

There is also a high risk that other parts of your laptop may get fail and damage after breaking or changing the processor.

Keeping all the things in mind, only limited manufacturers allow changing the processor of laptops. As it is not designed in such a way along built-in components. In this way, you can take off the old processor by swapping and replacing it with another new and better one.


How can I know that my laptop’s processor is damaged?

Some limited tasks consume more energy. Processors’ speed can go down by workload. If you have to deal with heavy power-consuming tasks then your processor may be lost its power. For this reason, most people think to change their computer’s processor. These are the few signs that you’ll get these signs that detect the failure of the CPU;

1.)Slow booting:

The turning on and off of the computer will slow down and start consuming much time. It’ll start hanging and stop working for some seconds or minutes then start moving as if nothing happened.


Increasing the noise of your laptop fan is another symbol that your processor is damaged. Moreover, the laptop computer starts overheating like burning that highly indicates the damaged processor.


Because of overheating, the beeping occurs. Beeping indicates a problem in the processor. If you hear 5 to 7 beeps then go and check your laptop processor by any professional.


If your laptop computer starts shutting down by itself without any hard work then it also indicates that there is a problem with the processor.

So, these are the few symbols that indicate the problem with the processor of your laptop. If you see any kind of problem then check it and try to sort it out without disturbing your task. Otherwise, you may have to exchange it with a new processor which will be quite expensive.


How can I check my laptop has a changeable processor or not?

If you want to check your luck that your laptop processor is replaceable or not then, go ahead and follow these processes. These three processes will help you to check the allowance for the processor.

Process 1:

If you want to know can a laptop processor be changed on my computer then you must have to go my computer properties. Read out the properties. If your computer has a mobile processor like QM or M then you can change it. While, if you have a type U processor then you are not allowed to change the processor of your laptop.

Process 2: 

The second way is by installing the CPU-Z app to check the same thing. With this software, you can get a lot more information about your laptop processor. It’ll help you to know more before going to change it.

Process 3:

Because of the advancement of technology, most laptop manufacturers make it with proper sealing. So, you can’t open it. For this, try to open your laptop base panel.

If the panel will open then go ahead to a professional, he will help you to fix it and exchange the old processor with a new one. While, if you get fail in opening the laptop then there is no other chance.

Changing a laptop processor costly or not? 

Laptop processors may be of different types. It may be single-core or multi-core that can be used for different types of tasks. High-speed and powerful processors are recommended to purchase as it allows multi-tasking as well as highly improves the working speed and quality of the computer.

If you are facing continuous problems and issues with your laptop or conclude that you need to change the laptop processor. Then, you should contact with the manufacturer and deal him for changing the CPU. Commonly used processors are IC and AMD.

A laptop processor can be changed but demand a proper amount to invest in it. It’s completely up to you what you choose. The cost of changing a laptop processor is started from 25$ and exceeds $1000. That will suitable only for professional gamers, web developers and programmers.

Can a laptop works without a processor? 

The processor in a laptop processes instructions and informationIt may help you to fulfill all your desires. Four different types of processors are used for various tasks according to the laptop device. Every single function that performs in your computer depends upon the processor.

If your processor process it then it’ll get done otherwise no way. Including operating system can also not do tasks without the processor. So, a laptop can never be run without a processor.  

Is buying a new laptop instead of changing the processor worth it? 

Some work type demands high-speed processor. If your laptop has an option to change the processor and you are low in budget then it is better option to buy a processor according to your need.

If you’re the one and do not have any option to change the processor of your laptop then you can buy a new laptop according to your budget. Here are the list of best laptops I recently reviewed.

What You Need To Know About Changing Laptop Processors?

Following are some factors that you need to keep in mind while going to change a laptop processor.


The speed of the processor is the main option to be considerable. A high-speed processor can work fast and more efficiently. You can do both high and low-power needed tasks in a speedy processor. That’s why it is recommended to purchase a high-speed processor.

Especially for gamers, web developers, and programmers.

Work type:

If you don’t have to deal with hard work or tasks that require high processing then you don’t need to pick a high-speed processor. For the office, home, or business tasks, you can use a normal processor. Otherwise, if you are from the field of gaming, videography, multi-tasking, or software making then you have to purchase a high-power processor.


CPU or laptop processor comes with 2 to 64 cores. The more cores of a laptop processor mean better quality and speed of multi-tasking. 2 or 4 numbers or cores come in general computers. It can able to do less loaded tasks. You can choose the number of cores of a processor according to your work type.


You must have to check that the sockets of a laptop computer are the same. As you have to fit a new processor along. So, make sure that the socket of the motherboard and new processor have the same fit. So that it’ll not discover any problem while fixing.

Thermal level:

Heating your laptop again frequently indicates the low quality of the processor. Make sure to purchase a processor with a great thermal level profile that cools down your laptop and allows the processor to work smoothly. 

Which processor is better laptop or desktop? 

Both computers and laptops are designed to their specifications and features. The working is almost the same but the processing power of the desktop computer is better than a laptop computer. The processor of a desktop computers is more powerful than a laptop because of various reasons.

Cooling space:

If we compare laptop computers with desktop computers then we get that the desktop computers have better cooling headroom. It keeps the system cool fastly when heated. It works longer and clocks at a quick fast speed.


Secondly, the number of cores depends on the speed and working of the processor. Desktop computers have more space which allows them to fix more cores as compared to laptop computers.

Cores in a computer can highly affect performance. As much as the cores your device has, the best performance it displays.


Desktop computers have more power than laptop computers. The power difference between laptop computers and desktop computers is 50W and 200W. Also, laptops work through batteries that can also down their speed.

Clock speed:

Almost all the features of a desktop computer are more powerful. Similarly, if you go and purchase the same processors for desktop and laptop computers then they’ll have a different clock speed.

For example, if you purchase a processor and fix it in a laptop, its speed will be around 2.6 to 3.5 GHz.

While if you put the same processor in a laptop computer then the speed will increase from 2.8 GHz to 5.0 GHz.

How can I upgrade my laptop processor? 

If your laptop computer allows all the specifications and you want to change it to increase your laptop speed. Then go down and focus on the following steps;

Check if it is allowed or not? 

First, you have to figure out whether your laptop computer allows you to change the processor or not. We already discuss the process of checking. You may check through the motherboard, by opening the base panel, and by computer settings.

Select processor:

Now, it’s time to select a new processor for your laptop computer. Learn some information about your laptop’s motherboard. As it is the main circuit board and almost all the components are attached to it. The processor can also allocate to it. Then learn how processor and motherboard work jointly.

Model details:

Make sure to get all the computer motherboard details and pick up the processor by keep knowing all the limitations. It is important because your computer processor is going to work by collaborating all these things.

Fix the processor: 

The next step is to fix the new laptop processor in the computer. If you are not a professional computer engineer then give this task to any professional. If you don’t do this and something went wrong then other parts including a new processor of your laptop computer can be affected.

Ready to use: 

As you installed the processor perfectly, it is ready to start work with high power laptop. Now, don’t overreact and turn your own normally. Start working and you’ll observe a major change in the speed of your computer.

Can I change the modern laptop computer processors with the latest one? 

There are high chances you can not do it. It is because the processors in modern computers are located or fixed along the motherboard. So, it is impossible to change it with any other new processor.

Similarly, i3 and i5 both are good processors for multitasking. If you want to change i3 or i5 processors then you can’t do this because they are soldered on the motherboard and don’t have socket computability between CPUs. 


What can be the best processor for Laptops?

Many processors are available in the industry which makes us confused about which one is better. For solving this problem, I am here with a general idea of processors. Currently, the best laptop processor that can be suitable for every type of computer is core i9 and i11. It has high power and performs much more speedily as compared to i5 and i7.

The clock speed of this processor is more than 5.3 GHz. This processor will allow you to perform various functions and can be used for different projects including film editing, live streaming, software designing, and so on. Moreover, it can’t rein your budget. So, you can easily purchase it.

Can I upgrade my laptop processor from i5 to i7? 

It is important to do some research before changing the laptop processor. Make sure to check that your laptop is able to deal with powerful processors or improve its performance or not.

If your laptop allows you to support the i7 core processor then yes, you can change it. The processor of changing i5 to i7 processor is not easier. For this, you have to purchase a new motherboard also. It is because almost all the latest processors are fixed on the motherboard.

When everything is checked and confirmed, you can install a new processor easily. Do some performance checking tests then go onward and start your work,

Can an Intel processor replace an AMD processor? 

The motherboard compatibility allows you to change the processor or not. If the slot is the same, swappable, or detachable then you can easily replace the processor.

Socket type allows you to change the processor. Intel processor has contact pads on the processor while the AMD processor has pins that keep the slot in the socket.  AMD and Inter processor both have different slots which means you do not interchange them.


That’s all about this reading. I hope you enjoyed this and are happy to find this reading helpful. Processors play a key role in the speed of computer systems. If your processor will fall then you may not able to get done your tasks. After verifying all the symptoms, you don’t have any option instead of replacing the processor or purchasing a new computer.

Changing processors was easy in old laptops but new laptops are quite limited in size. That’s why it is not easy to change the processor in the latest version of laptop computers.

Some laptops are still not allowed to change the processor. For this, your only option is to change the laptop. Otherwise, with the given data, you can check all the things and solve your queries. The change of processor must be done by any professional so that you may not get any problems in the future.

I hope this reading will help you a lot and now you are completely aware of can a laptop processor be changed but not. If you are thinking to purchase a new laptop or wanted to only change the processor then I’ll recommend you focus on the described factors and purchase your favorite one as you can’t change it again and again. Make sure to purchase a processor along warranty. It’ll save you as a security of your device.



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