Can you Track A Stolen Laptop by Serial Number? 2023


Laptops are an important part of our lives for meetings, studies, entertainment, business proposals because they store so much of our personal information and they also give valuable information that makes life simpler.

If you have stolen your computer or lost it, all hope is not lost. If it’s the worst-case situation. Although the scenario is terrifying, no matter how much you look after your laptop. While it is understood that some of the actions that surround this event occur so quickly and cannot be controlled, you may monitor your stolen device without hardware tracking on a laptop.

Can you Track A Stolen Laptop by Serial Number?

You should know how to trace a missing laptop if you are using it. This article focuses on tracking a stolen laptop with serial numbers and other procedures that may be taken to trace a stolen gear.

What Is The Serial Number Of A Laptop?

A laptop, androids, and iPhones serial number has a unique code and alphanumeric and numeric numbers given to your laptop. Because no two laptops have the same number, this is solid proof that your laptop is the one you claim it is.

The purpose of these codes allows manufacturers to identify the particular model and computer specification, as well as to establish whether there is a warranty. In the situation of some insurance claims, a serial number can also be used.

How To Find The Laptop’s Serial Number First?

On Laptops, the Serial number can be found at the bottom of your laptop as either take out the removable battery you will see a printed sticker under the battery compartment.

To begin, open a Command Prompt window, right-click on ‘detect my device’ (in Windows 7, 8, or 10), and you will find the serial number displayed under the text “SerialNumber.”

Can You Track A Stolen Laptop By Serial Number?

The serial number cannot help to track your stolen laptop. Usually, if you choose to use tracking software, this information, along with others, may be used to monitor the device.

Some manufacturer’s customer care services will even capture your serial number when you log on to your stolen laptop, even though you are not ensuring a recovery under the hardware warranty conditions. They also utilize this particular information to validate their results if you report to the police.

What Are The Other Ways To Locate Your laptop?

Here are a few of the most commonly used methods you can apply. Firstly use the serial number of your laptop, if the serial number isn’t working then use the pre-installed tracking software. You can also use the default features i.e. “Find my device or use the IP address of your laptop by Mac.

1.) Using the Already Installed Tracking Software:

Consider that if you have pre-installed software on your laptop, you can now access the same program from your smartphone. Since that missing laptop was registered on it, you may now get a lot of information on your phone about all the post-incident information, etc.

2.) Using the Device’s Default Tracking Features:

No matter, using a Windows laptop or a Mac, if it is the default, “find my phone app”, and other mentioned features like GPS tracking of the laptop is enabled on it, you can also try this method to get tracking your laptop.

Simply sign in with your Microsoft account on any other device, and the laptop is already included in the “Your devices” list, you just click the “Find my device” button beneath that laptop’s name to receive cracking the latest location.

3.) Locate the Laptop’s Mac or IP Address:

Mac and IP address, both are kinds of unique IDs that your device is issued on the internet for easy identification. This is therefore the last, but the best approach to assess how ineffective all of the other ways are.

Although experience shows that a Mac address isn’t worth much in these situations, an IP address, or your unique online identity, is a lot more reasonable and legitimate approach to monitoring your computer. You may contact your internet service provider and obtain complete access to your misplaced device’s address and position, among other things, using this IP address.

4.) Use Gmail:

Get into your Inbox by opening Gmail’s web body and Scroll all the way down to the bottom and look for “Nuances” below the “last file pastime” in the farthest right nook. When you click on “Nuances,” every other window will pop up, along with all of the document interesting nuances around the IP areas of the tool that has gotten there.

5.) Use Dropbox:

Log in to your Dropbox account via the website or the Dropbox app and go down into the “Settings” and finally into the “protection” section. Scroll down and there you will find all the basic details in your file and the tool you have received, etc., as an example sign for games. Check out the new interest, click the contract and the IP address of that gadget will be provided conveniently.

6.) Use Facebook:

On your new device, go into your Facebook account and go to the “security and login” settings. Look for “where no question about it.” You’ll be able to observe all of your Facebook account’s activity. Take a look at the dubious development, move your mouse over it, and you’ll see the tool’s IP address.

7.) Use iCloud:

Some capabilities in iCloud provide methods to track any one of your devices through Anti-Theft tools. After your device is traced, iCloud generates an alerting sound and you may either lock or wipe your device content.

You can connect to the iCloud website using your Apple ID and go to the icon “find my phone” then select missing Macbook and the location of the device should be displayed.

How To Maintain The Safety Of The Laptop:

Treat your laptop like cash, imagine a stack of money equal to what your laptop is worth. Keep your laptop locked, using a laptop security cable, secure it to something immovable or a large piece of furniture.

By encrypting the device you can secure your sensitive data even if your laptop goes missing. Several commercial solutions will prevent your laptop from booting up without a password.

It is like leaving the keys in your car to leave your passwords within the laptop case. Save your passwords or securely store them somewhere – not on your own carry case or laptop. You can register with the manufacturer of your laptop or install some tracking software.


Take care of your gadgets, take account of all the precursory steps needed to maintain their security, unfortunately, instruct your laptop to study all the methods and strategies to take it back again if it is snapped or stolen. Everything is covered by the article, i.e. how to trace a stolen laptop with a serial number through the IP address or other ways out. It is one of you, a very complete guide.


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