Cheap projector screen alternatives 2023


Projectors and projector screens are common these days. It is such a device that allows you to use it anywhere.

People use projector screens for various working or entertainment purposes. The projector screen is portable and convenient to use. You can also hang the projector screen without drilling

Do you think if your projector screen gets broken and you have to attend a meeting, watch the match or do any kind of gathering then what will you do? To sort that kind of hassle, you must prepare some backup plans.

Cheap projector screen alternatives

 In this reading, we are going to tell you about the cheap projector alternative that will save your budget and time. Also, you’ll be able to consume your time properly. Let’s go ahead and read this complete article;

Cheap Projector Screen Alternatives

What is a projector screen?

A projector screen is a large display screen which used to display anything in a large size. The projector screen is made of PVC material with a diameter of less than 3 mm. The projector screen can be mounted anywhere as it is portable. Also, it provides a good fit for outdoor events too.

Alternatives for projector screen

Projector screens are quite expensive to purchase. That is why it is also beneficial to use some alternate options for your homes and workplaces. Here, a few cheap alternatives are described below;

A blank wall 

The free alternative to a projector screen is a blank wall. This option is versatile and easy to fix. The only thing you need to focus on is the color of the wall.

The wall should be clean and coated with white color. This will help you to see the picture more clearly. A clean blank wall enhances the picture quality too. Also, you don’t have to worry about picture cutting or projection size because the wall is too big to display the full image.

If you don’t want to spend your money for a single event then you go ahead with this cost-free blank wall option. The wall will not only budget free but also allow people to see clearly from distance. Try to pick a wall with a smooth texture, pain, and light shade. It’ll fit perfectly for your work.

Factors to remember while going ahead with a blank wall

  • The wall should be clear from any decorating items.
  • The color of the wall must be light.
  • The Wall texture should be plain.
  • Any kind of wall can be used.
  • The paint coat must be clean from multilayers.

A bed sheet

The bed sheet is a thing that is available in every home. There is a high chance that extra pair of plan bed sheets are available in every home. So, it must be the cheapest way to dye a projector screen without leaving your place or disturbing your budget.

With this simple plain bed sheet, you can set your projector anywhere you want in and out of your workplace. You only need to fix it on any wall or stand where you want to mount your projector.

Try to pick a white or any light color bed sheet because the color of the bed sheet may increase or decrease the image quality. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the size of the picture. The bed sheet has enough size to display any kind of image.

Bed sheet projector screen can be okay to use but it’s not a permanent solution for quality tasks. The threads and wrinkles in cloth reduce its quality. Also, it may start waving because of the air. That’s why it is not highly suitable for professional use or work-related tasks.

Things you need to remember while going ahead with a bed sheet

  • The bed sheet must be white.
  • The bed sheet must be wrinkle-free.
  • Easy to take it off and carry it anywhere.
  • No need to worry about picture size.
  • The bed sheet should have a thick fabric.

A whiteboard

For office tasks or any work activity, a whiteboard projector screen would be convenient. It is because whiteboards are already available at such places and you don’t need to pay extra for them. Moreover, you can also use it in your homes and schools for projecting lessons, movies, and other related tasks.

This option is versatile. A whiteboard can be of different sizes and you can project all of them according to your need. Further, the beneficial point is that the whiteboards are not much expensive as projector screens. That will not affect your budget.

On the downside of using the whiteboard as a projector screen, we came to know that the reflective surface of the whiteboard is not convenient for some projectors. Some projectors can be used on any surface while others work not okay on the reflecting smooth surfaces which may create some issues.

Things you need to remember while going ahead with a whiteboard

  • It must be a versatile option.
  • Cheaper than any projector screen.
  • Make sure that the whiteboard is clean.
  • Reflection may affect projection quality.

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is also the cheapest way that can be used instead of a projector screen. Wrapping paper can normally be found in every home. If you don’t have it then you can easily purchase it from any store.

Try to purchase thick paper with white sides. If the pure white shiny or plan paper is available then go ahead with this. The paper should be clean and bright.

Take cardboard or any base for the screen and paste all the paper on it. Also, you can use any window or wall as the base if you want. You can be made a wrapping paper screen size as much as you want. It’ll provide you with decent quality but not as exact as a projector screen.

Keep remembering that there is a high difference between the price of the projector and a wrapping paper alternative. Try to avoid dark paper shades because they will not provide you with proper color corrections and also affect the quality.

Things you need to know while going ahead with a wrapping paper

  • You must need light color paper.
  • it demands any base for support
  • The results are satisfying for personal use.
  • Huge difference between prices.

Projector screen paint

As compared to other alternatives, this projector screen paint is a bit expensive. If you want something as an alternative but for permanent use as well as on a cheap budget then this projector screen paint would be your choice.

This paint is pricey but keep remember that you’ll get a fully sealed bucket that you can use more than one time. This paint can be coated anywhere you want to get a projector screen for your work. Screen paints are flexible and allow you to work anywhere without holding any projector screen.

The worth of this projector screen paint is $50 to $300. You can purchase it according to your budget and enjoy a never-ending quality.

Things you need to remember while going ahead with a projector screen paint

  • It may be a costly choice.
  • Convenient to use anywhere for any task.
  • It provides flexibility that you’ll never get from screens.
  • Allow you to make as many screens as you want.
  • It provides long-term great quality results.

A big white door or fence

For outdoor events, parties, or any kind of task, it would be better to go ahead with a white-painted door, fence, or garage gate. The latest projectors allow you to display your things on any kind of base.

Try to pick the fence or door coated with white paint, it’ll increase its quality. You also don’t need to worry about reflection because doors and fences don’t have any reflective surfaces.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the all set up should be on the night because you’ll not get the same quality as in day time because of sunlight. Moreover, the door or fence should be clean and planned. That’s all and then you can enjoy your time.

Things you need to remember while going ahead with a big white door or fence

  • The door or fence must be planned and painted properly.
  • All the setup should be for nighttime.
  • You don’t need to spend any single amount because of this process.
  • This must be a budget-friendly task.

A big rock 

For those, who are on any adventure trip or any desert camping and want to do some fun. For this, you need to manage any alternative instead of the projector screen.

There are many big rocks available in such areas. You can pick any big but smooth one. This option is completely free and convenient to use. The shade of rock is probably dark so you don’t need to worry about production quality. Furthermore, you can use it instead of any small projector screen for instant use.

Factors you need to remember while going ahead with a big rock

  • It is suitable for nighttime.
  • The rock must be big.
  • The surface should be plain and smooth.
  • The size of the rock should be big enough like a small projector screen.
  • The rock will be wide enough to display a picture.

A white painted cardboard 

While going with the cheapest alternative, this painted cardboard is a considerable option. When you get nothing even not a single bed sheet, type, or stand then you go ahead with this. Take big-size cardboard and fully cover it with a coat of white paint.

Make sure that the paint coat is reflection free, dry, and provides a smooth surface. You are ready to use this in your homes or any friend gathering. This alternate option is not good to use for work types or any international presentations.

Dye-painted projector screens cost only for paint because cardboard is available almost in every home. So yeah! It is the cheapest alternative to a projector screen and you’ll get your homemade painted screen in your hand.

Things you need to know while going ahead with white painted cardboard

  • The paint must be bright white.
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • It provides quality projection.
  • Hanging it somewhere is not easy.

The ceiling 

Converting your ceiling into the projector screen is awesome. Think that if we made the wall projector screen then why not a ceiling. This alternative is only good for entertainment purposes. Also, this option provides you a neck comfort as you can watch anything just straight laying on your bed.

Make sure that your ceiling is free from any décor and covered with white paint. If you have any neck strain issues then it’ll not a good option for you. There you should no need to worry about the size of the picture as ceiling is large enough to display a picture.

Things you need to know while going ahead with the ceiling

  • The wall should be clean.
  • It may give you neck strain.
  • Only convenient for entertainment purposes.

A Tarp

A tarp is such a thing that can easily be found in homes. A trap has a large size that fits convenient for making a screen for a projector. Just like other things, you try to pick a light color trap for a better viewing experience.

Take a trap and fix it by using a curtain road. This tarp will provide you with a great experience as your need. It may not good enough for work use. The downside is that it provides glare while projecting. I’ll recommend you to use it only for personal use. Also, use it when you already have it in your home, and don’t go toward purchasing.

Things you need to remember while going ahead with a tarp

  • The color should be light.
  • The material is thick enough.
  • Only for personal use.

Which fabric is good for a projector screen?

Various fabrics and materials are available to use for projector screens. If you want something unique then white blackout fabric would be best. It has a great capacity to absorb reflections or useless lights and then provides you with a bright vivid image.

This will be convenient to use for any task of brilliant quality. The white blackout fabric increases its quality as well as enhances your focus while watching.

Is it worth purchasing a projector screen?

If you want something professional, proper, and permanent use then you can good with purchasing a projector. Yes, a good quality projector screen can never able to compare with any alternative. Instead of these, if you want something for temporary use or need to use it only once then don’t waste your handsome amount on purchasing a projector screen. Go with any affordable alternative from a variety of options and believe that it’ll provide good production results.

The bottom line

That’s all about this reading. In this reading, we take a view on the cheapest alternatives for projector screens. Projectors are very necessary and used in almost all fields. Still, if you want any portable projector or need something as an alternate for urgent use then, these alternatives provide quality production.

Don’t waste more money on purchasing a projector screen and go ahead with these alternate options. These options will save you money and also able to take it anywhere you want.

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