Do projectors have HDMI arcs 2023


As HDMI arc is the version of HDMI that provide connectivity to most devices.

Most people use wired external devices to increase sound volume but we’ll recommend you

use HDMI arc to experience better audio with almost fewer cables. 

Here the question is do projectors have HDMI arc?

The answer is “it depends on the type of projector that you’re using”.

In this reading, we are going to discuss HDMI arc in projectors.

It’ll help you to get to know that does your projector support HDMI arc or not with detail knowledge.

Let’s get started discussing;

Do projectors have HDMI arcs?

HDMI arc is not found in all the projectors. Only some projector manufacturers consider it while others use it to fix AV receivers as media hubs. HDMI arc can fix with AV receivers but most of us use other connectivity options to make its connection.

Do projectors have HDMI arcs

The HDMI arc is more pronounced with the audio sound bar because they have both external speakers and a media hub. If you want to know whether your projector supports HDMI arc or not then simply check the port. If there is a port with the label “ARC” then go ahead.

What is an HDMI arc?

HDMI help to transfer audio signals and reduce the number of cables while transferring. It transfers both audio and video signals in digital form.

In HDMI arc, it is allowed to share both signals by a single cable which most other cables can’t do.

In AV or sound bar receivers, you need extra cables to share signals but HDMI arc allows signals to transmit in both directions. HDMI arc makes your connection more compatible with AV receivers.

How does HDMI arc work?

HDMI arc supports a display set up of projectors with a sort of media hub. The hub works as a central device that helps to share data signals with external devices.

Sound bars can also work as media hubs. It should be high in quality. It must have input source ports with at least one output port for the display screen. It is easy to connect your sound bar source device via HDMI.

It sends both AV signals with an HDMI cable to the projector. An additional audio cable doesn’t need an HDMI arc. Your projector and sound bar only need to have an HDMI port then the signals are directly returned on the same cable.

With the help of an HDMI cable, arc directly sends audio through the HDMI cable back from the projector to the sound bar.

Normal HDMI type-A connection uses 19 pins that indicate various audio as well as video components of the user device. When it’ll get activated, the audio-video arc will return over 13 or 14 pins.

Are there any benefits to using HDMI arc?

HDMI arcs are designed in such a way that improves both audio and video projection quality. it also provides a few described benefits;

  • No need for additional cables

The best point of HDMI arc cables is that it doesn’t demand any external cables. You can easily connect your device to an AV receiver.

It transfers video signals to the display device and returns audio signals to the same HDMI cable in a few microseconds. You can also connect it to any other external speaker by using the same cable.

  • Enable CEC feature

CEC stands for Customer Electronics Control. HDMI arc allows the CEC service. It allows the user to control connected devices with one remote. Volume with turning on/off features allowed to use even when you’re using your projector as a media hub.

  • Better audio quality

HDMI arc transfer signals in digital form. Digital signals transmit data more efficiently as compared to analog signal transfer. It transfers signals over the speed 3.5 mm audio cable. HDMI arc sound transfer and audio quality are too better than any other device or cable.

How can I connect HDMI arc with my projector?

First of all, you need to make sure that your projector supports HDMI arc or not. After confirming, you can easily connect it to a projector by using the described procedure.

The simplest way to make a connection is by connecting the source device directly to the projector and then sharing audio from the projector to the soundbar using HDMI but the point of using an HDMI arc cable is to get audio back from the same cable.

For this, your device should need to be connected by any central media hub like a soundbar.

Steps to connect HDMI arc with projector

Four steps will help you to connect the HDMI arc to the projector. Let’s continue the procedure;

  • First, make sure and verify that your projector and audio/video receiver must have HDMI arc ports. These ports look the same as HDMI ports but are labeled by the name “ARC”.
  • Fix the first end into the projector and the other with the AV receiver.
  • Plug another HDMI cable into the HDMI arc port on the AV receiver and the HDMI arc port on the projector.
  • After that, your projector is almost connected. Go to the projector menu and select HDMI as the input source. Turn on the arc function from your projector.

How do I know that my projector has an arc or e-arc?

Finding your projector type is easy. You just need to check the label of the arc or e-arc. Projector manufacturers label according to the functions of HDMI ports. There may be two compatibilities arc or e-arc. If your port is labeled as HDMI 1 arc then it may compatible with arc while if it is labeled as HDMI 1 EARC then your projector may compatible with e-arc.

Both arc and e-arc options are good to purchase. You can easily make its connection with multiple devices. It is not getting too hard as the procedure is almost the same. Moreover, you’ll get the same results with great output and high sound quality.

How to connect the projector to the sound bar with HDMI arc?

HDMI arc is supported by any normal HDMI cable. You’ll not get worried about the audio or video quality with this. if you are using the soundbar as an AV source and wanted to connect it with HDMI arc then go ahead and follow these steps;

  • Make sure to turn off both devices (projector and sound bar.
  • You can see a port on a projector that is labeled as an arc. Connect the HDMI cable in the respective port and another switch with the port of the alternate device.
  • Check that both sides are securely connected.
  • Turn on both devices.

On projector

Now, you need to maintain the settings from your projector. For this,

  • Go to the “projector menu” or “setting” option.
  • Check the option of “audio settings” or “audio output”.
  • Select the option of “ARC” or “Audio Return” by using the remote.
  • Click on “raw”.
  • Select the “exit” or “save” option according to your requirements.

On sound bar

The last step is to do some adjustments to soundbar;

  • Go to the “setting” or “menu” option from your sound bar.
  • Click on “audio setting”.
  • Turn the “CEC/ARC” option on.
  • That’s all about connecting your projector to the soundbar with an HDMI arc.

How to reset my sound bar?

If you connect the wire with the HDMI arc and sound bar but it still not working then there must be something wrong. In this case, you need to restart your sound bar. There are a few steps that you need to follow and reset your sound bar easily.

  • Power off both devices (projector and sound bar).
  • Press and hold both volumes up and down buttons for almost five seconds and then release.
  • Power on both devices.
  • Re-arrange all the settings and then your soundbar will work properly.

Which projectors are compatible with HDMI ARC?

Every projector is designed differently. That’s why they are not always attached along HDMI cable but there are a few projectors that are compatible;

All these projectors are compatible with HDMI arc. You can easily connect it to your system. For this, you don’t need to put in any extra effort. If you have a projector but can’t able to know its compatibility with HDMI then you can call its manufacturer or concern with any professional.

Does HDMI arc demand any special cable?

HDMI arc was introduced in 2009 and becoming popular day by day. People are going to use sound bars and receivers that are still using very rapidly. In 2009, it was available with the 1.4 version that’s why most of the cables are still available in that version.

Advancements are getting noticeable over time and there are too good wires in the market. There is no restriction to use any HDMI wire cable but it may recommend using an iVANKY cable as it has a 2.0 version cable with high transferring speed.

Is HDMI arc better than optical?

Optical audio is transmitted and used only to share audio data. TOSLINK cables are the most famous optical cables but can’t able to share video signals. If we compare HDMI arc and Optical then HDMI arc is far better than optical.

The bandwidth is more compatible and transfers high-quality signals. Yeah! HDMI arc is very convenient and easily transfers audio video data at the same time only by a single cable.

Is HDMI better than fiber optic?

Fiber optics don’t have much speed in transferring sound waves as HDMI. HDMI can share audio data with speed as well as high resolution. The quality of fiber optic is not as good as HDMI. Moreover, HDMI can also have the facility to share video data at the same time with high quality.

Do Epson projectors have HDMI arc cables?

Normally Epson projectors are designed and have a normal HDMI port that is allowed to connect with external speakers but some Epson projectors also have HDMI arc cables.

Epson is a technologically growing firm but it’s only a few projector models are equipped with HDMI ARC connectivity while others are only connected with HDMI. Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 is a projector of Epson that is compatible with HDMI arc.

Do we need both HDMI and VGA cables?

No. you don’t need both HDMI and VGA cables at the same time. Both VGA and HDMI cables do the same type of work with minor changes. You can use any of that but it is recommended to purchase a projector that has both HDMI and VGA ports.

Both connectors are recommended as you can use another when the first one is not working. Moreover, when you have to share both audio and video data at the same time with high speed and better quality then you may use an HDMI cable.

The bottom line

That’s all about this reading. I hope you enjoyed this reading and found this article a great source of knowledge. In today’s discussion, we completely take a detailed look at the HDMI arc projector with all of its detail.

HDMI arc projectors are available at budget prices that can be affordable for almost everyone. Both the audio and video quality of HDMI arc projectors make it more worthy. Its features make it more efficient and gather the attention of the user.

Keep remembering that all the projector does not support HDMI arc. If you want to purchase one then make sure to read the labels when you’re going to purchase. Check out all the details then go toward finalizing the projector screen.

If you want to connect it with any external speaker or sound bar then make sure that the soundbar also has an HDMI arc port otherwise the results may not be satisfying with a high chance of error. So, why are you standing here? Purchase your projector that supports HDMI arc and make your time satisfying with high-quality results.




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