How do I connect my ps4 controller to my ps4? 2023


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How do I connect my ps4 controller to my ps4?

If you are the one who’s facing a problem connecting your ps4 controller to ps4, then the problem is going to be over. This reading will tell you all guidelines about Ps4, Ps4 controller, and connection methods. So, keep reading and find your answers;

How do I connect my ps4 controller to my ps4?

What is Ps4?

Ps4 is a PlayStation 4 that is designed for entertainment purposes. The Ps4 gaming PlayStation entertains the player with multiple games. Also, increase social interaction with other devices, community, and services.

Playstation4 comes with various features that are better than Ps3. It allows you to play games online with friends with its 4K multimedia resolution with better touch and button functions.


What is a Ps4 controller?

A controller may be a hardware or software device used to manage the data flow between two entities. The Ps4 controller provides both wire and wireless functions when controlling.

All around, ps4 provides 4 general controllers that you can use to make a secure and perfect connection for your gaming. The ps4 controller is the same as the other version. The only change is the touchpad we get on the front of the controller.

All four corners of the touchpad allow multiple options to click on. The ps4 controller is non-removable, but the front controller’s rechargeable battery and 3 LED light bars can glow in various colors.

There are also many directed buttons in ps4 that can be used to get and give various commands while playing. This ps4 controller will surely enhance your gaming level.

Is it possible to connect the Ps4 controller to Ps4?

Yes, it is entirely possible to connect a Ps4 controller to Ps4. It is designed for the same Playstation4 model you want to connect.

Ensure that your playstation4 and playstation4 connector is free from any virus; otherwise, it’ll affect your gaming. Before going to make a connection, you need to have a few things, including;

  • A playstation4 (Ps4).
  • A playstation4 controller (Ps4 controller).
  • USB cable or USB-A to micro USB cable.

How many ways are there to connect the Ps4 controller with Ps4?

Connecting the Ps4 controller with Ps4 is not hard. Having all the correct items and following the exact procedure may be pretty simple. Following are the two ways in which you can easily connect the Ps4 controller without any difficulty;

  • Make a connection by using a USB.
  • Make a connection by using Bluetooth.

How to connect the Ps4 controller with Ps4 using USB?

Making a connection between Ps4 and Ps4 controller with USB is simple. You only need a USB cable and follow the following step-by-step procedure.

  •      Turn the plasystation4 on just by clicking on it.
  •      Connect the USB cable with the one port of the Ps4.
  •      Connect the micro USB side of the cable with the top port of the Ps4 controller.
  •      Press the center button until the blurred light turns on.
  •      If it doesn’t start lightning, repeat this process multiple times.
  •      The controller will connect.

What to do if this procedure will not work?

  •        If the above USB procedure does not make the connection, try to do the same by            USB- A to the micro USB cable.
  •        Everything is still the same then. Try to connect it with any other port on Ps4 back          An additional port is available on the back of the USB.
  •        Charge your controller. Maybe the charging is lost.

How to connect a Ps4 controller with Ps4 using Bluetooth?

If the first controller is attached or you want to connect another Ps4 controller with your Ps4, go ahead with Bluetooth one. Follow these few simple steps and make a wireless connection with your Ps4 Bluetooth;

  • Turn on the Ps4 device by clicking on a button.
  • Click and hold on to the PlayStation button for a few seconds.
  • When the light starts blinking, go to the device setting of your Ps4.
  • Select the device and click on the Bluetooth option.
  • Pick and connect with the controller just by following the screen display information.

What should I do when Bluetooth does not connect?

If your Bluetooth isn’t able to find your new controller. Then go and turn on the “pairing” option by doing some simple steps;


  • Keep pressing the playstation4 button for around 3 seconds.
  • Press the share, arrow, and PlayStation buttons at the same time.
  • The light bar will start blinking.
  • Now select your controller and go ahead with a secure connection.

If the controller will still not get connection in both USB and Bluetooth mode, then there is undoubtedly a problem with a Ps4connector or your PlayStation. Try to sort it out first, then do the same procedure again.

How to reset a Playstation4 controller?

If you want to reset your playstation4 controller because of any damage or connection issue, then go ahead with these limited steps;


  • Turn off the Ps4.
  • Disconnect the internet connection or unplug the cable.
  • Upside-down the controller.
  • Click on the reset button next to the screw beside the L2 button.

Which factors affect the connectivity of Ps4?

Following are some factors that may stop the connection with the Ps4 connector or affect its connectivity badly. Here, I will explain the significant reasons and their solutions. Let’s discuss;

  1. Wireless connection

The wireless connection is faulty most of the time. If you face such a problem, immediately convert it to a wired connection. Also, use a perfect and desirable cable category for your Ps4 according to its features and need.

2. Low batter

If the battery of the Ps4 is low, how can it make a strong connection with your Ps4 connector? In this regard, charge your connector for a while.

If you want a fully charged connector, leave it with a plug on for around 2 hours. After that, try to connect it, and you’ll surely get a powerful controller.

3. The rush of active connections

When your connector is connected or displays many devices, it’ll also reduce the chances of connectivity. Turn off all useless Bluetooth connections and make only a single secure connection with the Ps4 connector.

If other connections are still making an issue, turn on the controller. If the LED light is white, the connector is not connected. Try until it gets connected, and then remove all useless devices to prevent future mess.

4. Not sync controller

Suppose the controller of your Ps4 is not synced. It’ll not get console proper. It would be best if you had to sync it to get an adequate connection. Otherwise, the relationship can create problems.

What are the basic operator buttons and touchpad gestures in Ps4?

Ps4 connector or playstation4 comes with a variety of buttons. The operator buttons are the PS button, PS button double-press, PS button Long-press, Directional button, X button, share button, and options button.

Moreover, the Ps4 touchpad gesture has double tap, drag, flick, touch and hold, pinch in and pinch out, and click and double click buttons.


Which troubleshooting problem do we mostly face while connecting Ps4?

 I mostly found problems because of any issue, including battery damage, dual shock not connected, and, no vibration. You can easily find and sort all these problems just by giving a bit of attention. Follow all the basic steps and sort these issues in minutes.

Which things can I do with my Ps4?

Not only gaming but you are also allowed to do various kinds of things just only by using the Ps4. It may include streaming, multimedia streaming, Sky support, USB playback, play memories online, Plex, and games with high resolution or graphics.

Can Ps4 connect to any TV screen?

The connection of the Ps4 with the TV display depends upon its features and power. If your computer has 4K 120 Hz power with an HDMI cable port, you can easily connect your Ps4 with a TV screen display.

On the other hand, if the screen doesn’t have an HDMI display, then you can use a different type of adapter, including DVI and VGA, and, then go ahead with the connection of your Ps4 TV screen.

Do I connect Ps4 to any mobile phone?

Ps4 connectors allow you to fix and connect it to your mobile phone. Make sure that the mobile phone has enough power to connect Ps4. The mobile phone with which you want to connect your phone needs at least 10 GB to 30 GB of capacity; otherwise, it’ll harm your mobile and Ps4 too.


That’s all about this reading. In this article, we discussed the Ps4. We take a view and learn how to connect the Ps4 connector with Ps4. We also focus on the factors that positively and negatively affect the connectivity of Ps4.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and are happy to find the right way to connect Ps4 connectors with Ps4. Also, if you focus on this reading then you can troubleshoot and solve some of the general problems byon your own. I hope you’ll feel glad to know all about the way to make your connection secure.


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