How do you hide a projector screen? 2023


People purchase projectors to enjoy the quality experience on large screens. The large screen is the choice of everyone but it is not possible to purchase a big monitor screen.

The cost of a flat monitor screen is too high which is why people purchase a projector.

How do you hide a projector screen?


Projectors provide a large viewing area that will be great for gaming, working and home theaters. If you already have a projector and want to know the ways to hide it then this reading will surely help you. In this reading, we are going to discuss the ways to hide your projector and make a clear space.

How do you hide a projector screen


Let’s get started;

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Do I need to hide a projector screen?

If you have a separate home theater to use then you don’t need to hide it. Instead, if you have your projector in the center of your home, need to change its place, or do not have a good setup then you may need to hide your projector.

Hanging something between the rooms somehow looks awkward. Even if the projector screen has white color or the same as the background or ceiling, it still looks not good. Moreover, it covered a lot of space that disturbs working.

Several reasons will force you to hide the projector screen when it is not in use. 

Ways to hide projector screen

Nowadays, projectors come with a lot of functionality that makes it too easier to hide a projector. These projectors can easily to install, remove, and hidden. The way of hiding it must depend upon the type of projector. Here, a few ways are described below;

Get a cover

If you settled your projector screen on any corner and want to hide it. Then purchase a cover for it. Projector screen covers are available in different sizes and designs. You can purchase it according to your screen size. The design of these covers is so attractive that will increase the beauty of your projector wall.

Coffered ceiling 

The coffered ceiling is the widely used way to hide the projector screen. In this way, you designed your ceiling professionally and then install the motorized projector screen. With this, the projector screen will be rolled up and hidden in the ceiling.

This method is quite expensive and provides a great experience. It’ll mostly be used by professionals and those who love to use projectors for their permanent use.

False wall 

A false wall is also a good option to hide a screen. It’ll help you to mount your projector screen and hide it when it is not in use. False walls and ceilings are too common these days. You can easily hide your projector without any hassle. The only thing you need to do is to pair the false with a Bluetooth projector and that’s all to hide your wall easily.

Portable projector screen

A portable projector is something different. It cannot be fixed like another projector. You can take it on and off according to your need. If you want to use your projector at different locations then you can use this portable projector screen.

Moreover, hiding the projector with this portable screen projector is too easier as you can fold it and store it anywhere you want when it is not in use. It is too easier to store and place it again.

Screen housing

Screen housing can also be used for hiding the projector screen. You only need to purchase an installation kit and fix it with the help of the manufacturer. This will provide a great look and hide the projection screen easily. It is the top choice of most people.

Keep remembering that if you install the kit in the wrong way then you’ll never get the same results. That is why it is recommended to do all the processes by the manufacturer.


If you did not have enough amount to invest and want to go with something cheaper then go ahead with the curtain. Curtains are normally found in every house. You can hang it in front of your projector screen. When you are not using your projector screen then cover it with a curtain. It’ll not destroy the beauty of your area but also keep the area clean.


Another easiest way to hide your projector screen is to purchase slides and panels. Measure the size of your screen and purchase a panel for the nearby market. This will help you to hide the screen. Cover the projector screen with a panel and cover the projector screen with it. This hiding way is used mostly at workplaces.

Things that you need to consider while hiding a projector screen

Hiding a projector is easy but only when you know the correct procedure. If you are going to do this for the first time then it may get hard for you. Also, you can damage your screen because you won’t be fully guided. Here, a few important points are described that you’ll need to know before start hiding your projector screen;

Type of projector

The type of your projector will help you to pick up the hiding method. There is a variety of projectors available that demand separate procedures. The common type of projectors includes Halloween and ceiling projectors.

Screen size

Projectors are available in various screen sizes. Some projectors are big while others are considered small once. Keep remembering the screen size while going ahead with the hiding method. If you have a small size screen then you can go with almost every method. Instead of a big screen size, it’ll be better to go with a false wall and screen cover only.


There is no specific place to mount your screen. Some people love to mount it in bedrooms or living rooms. While others like to mount it outside or with a ceiling then, different hiding methods will be applied in both cases.


Your budget matters a lot when you are finding something to hide your screen. If your budget is low then you may go only with something cheaper and manual like an ordinary curtain. While if you have a high budget range then you may surely go with any other decent option like the motorized screen to hide your projector screen. Moreover, you can call any professional that helps you out and professionally hide your screen.

What should be the perfect projector screen color for entertainment?

If you want something for your home or home theaters then you should go with white color. The white screen is too good as it provides bright images with sharp pixels that fits great. Moreover white projector screen color will be more attractive when you watch something on it by turning the lights off or in dim light.

Why do people want to hide their projector screen?

Hiding a projector screen is not compulsory but people are doing this. There may be various reasons but mostly it is because of small kids running in the home, and congested space in the hall. Also, hiding the projector screen also makes things organized and clean so yeah! These are the few things that force people to hide their projector screens.

Can you watch the projector on a wall? 

Yes, it is completely okay to watch a projector on a wall. It is a cost-free option and used in hassle but there are a few things that you need to focus on. First, the wall color should be white. Dark or crafty walls will not provide good results. It is why light and plan walls will be good as it provides quality images. Secondly, the wall should be clean from marks and the paint will be smooth otherwise you’ll not get good results.

Can you project onto the screen from behind?

This method is too good to use as it provides many benefits. With this method, you’ll no more need to use any additional stand. You can simply use any table instead. Moreover, if you project from behind then it’ll surely provide you with a square screen without any cutout.

The bottom line

That’s all about this reading. I hope you enjoyed it and are happy to find great ways to hide your projector screen. This article is all about the guidance of projector screens. If you want to hide your projector screen because of any reason then this guide will help you a lot.

In this reading, we discuss projector screens, their size along the easiest way to hide your projector screen. This includes both cheaper and expensive methods that provide you an option to pick one according to your budget. You can pick a folding, covering, wall, or ceiling option according to your need.

If this is your first time hiding a projector screen then try something cheaper. If you want to go with a decent plan then purchase the same plan for less price. It may not of good quality but it’ll be good for experience. That’s all about this reading. I hope you find something better for yourself and are ready to hide your projector screen. Hope this reading will be satisfying and you’ll be happy to find this article helpful.

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