How to calibrate the PS4 controller 2023


Ps4 is great fun, but it creates some problems also. These errors may irritate you while gaming and get worse than annoying. That is why calibration is considered an important thing.

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How to calibrate the PS4 controller

If you do not calibrate your device correctly, you may get many problems that don’t have any solution. The only thing you can do is replace the area, joystick or whole system. In the case of Ps4, we are here to sort your queries by telling you the best way to calibrate the Ps4 controller.

What is Calibration?

Calibration is a process that provides accurate results within a defined range. It may apply to various instruments or gaming systems to get a verified result using multiple techniques.

Calibration can be done by using two calibrators and making a strong correlation between them. This process will also make the best performance and also enhance its performance.


Can I calibrate a Ps4 controller?

There are too many annoying things in Ps4, but the most leaded one is its stick drift. This problem can only come in Ps4 and is almost complained about by every user. The switch of the Ps4 controller had a lousy track-along stick drift that can get repaired within warranty. In short, it was not a good sign.

How to calibrate the PS4 controller

Steps to calibrate a Ps4 controller

The most straightforward way to calibrate a Ps4 controller is here. You have to follow the given steps to get a quick result. Let’s get started;

Step 1: Ensure that both the console and controller are turned off.

Step 2: Press L3 and R3 buttons simultaneously and hold them for almost 30 seconds.

Step 3: release and button.

Step 4: Start rotating both sticks in the analog direction at least 5 times.

Step 5: Start moving it anticlockwise for the same turns, like 5 times.

Step 6: Again, pressL3 and R3 buttons for 30 seconds again.

Step 7: now release it, and that’s all the process.

Both of your devices are calibrated. The whole process can take 5 to 10 Minutes hardly.

How to reset the Ps4 controller?

Resetting your device may depend on various factors. There are two ways to reset your device. One is a soft reset, and the other is a hard reset. You can choose it according to your need and get proper guidance by reading the further described steps;

How can I do the soft reset?

It is a soft reset to turn your system off and then make it on. The soft reset can resolve many issues from your system, but if you want to do the same thing on Ps4, then you need to disconnect the controller and console first.

Otherwise, you don’t need to disconnect if you don’t have an extra Ps4 controller. Skip this point and go ahead;

  • Log in to the current working controller and go to the settings from Ps4’s menu.
  • Click on the device from a drop-down menu.
  • Select Bluetooth device.
  • Now, you can see a listed Ps4 controller as you’re using an active Ps4 controller to navigate the menu.
  • Keep remembering the Ps4 along the green dot is the active one. Instead, without a green dot is an inactive one on the menu.
  • Select the inactive option.
  • Click on the “option” button on the controller, right on your touchpad, and you’ll get another menu.
  • Click on “forget device.”
  • Now, we forget about the multifunctioning of the Dual shock Ps4 controller and have to power down the Ps4.
  • Hold down the Ps4 button, and navigate the “power” option from the menu.
  • Choose the “turn off Ps4” option.
  • Connect your misbehaving controller to Ps4 by using a cable.
  • You turn it on and wait until it boots up.
  • Click on the “PlayStation” button on the controller. It will help you to log in and pair your device.
  • Do some tests to make sure the device is working.


How can I do a hard reset?

If repairing the controller doesn’t work or retrieving it back to its factory default setting, it might be possible to have a problem with your controller. In this case, you need a hard reset.

Hard reset demands something like a small thin clip to push a hidden button inside your Ps4 controller to reset it. If you want a hard reset for your Ps4, then go ahead and follow these steps;

  • Turn off the Ps4.
  • Turn over the controller and locate the small holes near the left shoulder button.
  • Insert the paper clip to click the button inside the hole.
  • Press and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds,
  • Connect the controller to Ps4 by using a USB cable wire.
  • Please turn it on and wait until it boots up.
  • Click on the “PlayStation” button from the controller and log in to the Ps4.
  • The light bar will get blue, indicating the connection.

These are the few steps that will help you to get a strong connection with your Ps4. Moreover, this process cannot be beneficial if you have a modded Ps4. In this case, it’ll be good to consult with your controller manufacturer.

Why am I still getting issues with the Ps4 controller?

Done with all the processes, and if you still have issues, try restarting your internet router or modem. This process can cause a loss the internet connection for a while. So keep remembering this in mind.

If you want to resolve all the problems, try to do a hard reset by turning off the router and modem or changing your internet area. It will immensely help you a lot.


How to sync a Ps4 controller?

Syncing a playstation4 controller is not hard. You can do this easily but need a physical medium. Any piece of hardware cable can be used for this purpose. There is no wireless way to connect your Ps4 controller via Bluetooth.

The excellent point is that your dual shock Ps4 controller comes with its wire, but in case of any fault, you can use any USB 2.0 or MICRO 2.0 cable wire. To get start the sync process, you need to follow these steps;

  1. Plug the USB cable onto the controller and the other side of the Ps4.

2. This wire makes a connection between both components and connects automatically when you turn it on.

3. Click and hold the playstation4 button for a few seconds to activate the controller.

The device will automatically connect and start working with a controller.

The lights on the top indicate the controller connection. These lights will also let the player know how many players can play, for example, red color signals for 2 players, green color signals for 3 players, and pink color signals for 4 players.

Is there any alternative to calibrating the Ps4 connection?

If you do not want to connect your device controller wirelessly, you can go ahead with a cable option. USB-enabled options are pretty potent. This will work by connecting wires and done with the controller setting. With this wired way, you don’t need to worry about internet connection issues, Bluetooth connectivity and cracking signals. Just go ahead and start playing without dealing with any further problems. The problems will automatically be solved when you get a solid wired connection.

Why does my Ps4 controller drift?

There can be many reasons depending on the drifting of the Ps4 controller. If the camera of your controller keeps moving without touching, it may be because of analog stick drift.

It can be because of dirty drift or when the analog stick is damaged. That can be caused by frequent use. You can fix the problem by cleaning your controller or repairing the damaged area.

How can I fix a Ps4 controller drift?

If your drift is still not fixed properly, then you need to follow these steps;

Reset your device: 

make sure that your dualshock4 device is reset. You may go with the soft reset option. If it doesn’t work, then try a hard reset.

Clean your controller: 

pick a micro fabric cloth and wipe the stick. To get rid of thick dirt, you can use any cleanser or dipped cloth in water.

Note: It is restricted to using direct and pressurized water for cleansing or dislodging your drift.

Trial test: 

after completing the cleaning process, you must try turning it on. If your controller drifted because of dirt, it’d start working.

Repairing or replacing:

 if your device is still not working, go to the manufacturer and replace the damaged part. Moreover, if the controller is under warranty, don’t waste this opportunity and replace it or repair the annoying area.

Dissemble your Ps4 controller:

 for deep cleansing, you need to remove the outer casing and lift the battery to access the motherboard. Take a clean and dry cloth for cleansing.

Replace the Ps4 analog stick: 

that’s the final way to replace your Ps4 stick if it is getting worse day after another. Purchase the whole set or damaged parts from the market. Instead, you can also purchase it online from any store and fix it yourself. Call any professional to do this work if you’re not a professional.

Can stick drift effect on both Ps4 controller’s joystick?

If your stick gets drifted, then there is no chance that another stick can sail because of the fault of another one. The drift damage can be because of hardware failure, and hardware damage can vary. So, you don’t need to worry more that the deterioration of one stick drift can affect both Ps4 controller’s joystick.

Can I calibrate my Ps4 controller with the TV?

It is possible to calibrate the Ps4 controller with the TV. You can check the setting of both controller and TV; if it allows, make a connection.

To make adjustments, take your Ps4 controller and select the settings option. Then select sounds and environments. You can go to the video output section and click on the possibility of adjusting HDR. Then, follow the instructions shown on the TV screen.

How do I calibrate the Ps4 analog?

Calibrating the Ps4 analog is needed in just a few seconds. You get to start by making a distance between L3 and R3. It will make a distance 3 times more. Then, rotate both joysticks with max length by turning off the LED. Click on the share button. You’ll get a 3 times flash green signal for a few seconds. It indicates the completion of calibration.


How to calibrate a joystick?

The joystick with gaming systems, including Ps4, was rare in the past, but now it is becoming trendy daily. The joystick works excellently with various games on Ps4. For making a secure connection calibration of Ps4 with your joystick, you only need to do these few steps;

  • Make sure that your wired joystick is correctly plugged.
  • Please turn it on and open the control panel.
  • Choose an option of game controller link.
  • Click your joystick option from it.
  • Hold down the “shift” and “ctrl” keys.
  • Click on properties, then select the “test” tab.
  • Now click on the “setting” tab.
  • A popup window will appear.
  • Click the “calibrate” button, then select “next.”
  • Follow the displaying options, and that’s all.

The bottom line

That’s all about this reading. I hope you are delighted after reading the whole article. In this reading, we try to grab information about all the relevant topics and points according to the calibration of the Ps4 controller.


The step-by-step procedure in this reading offers excellent information about making a connection just by staying in the home. Moreover, you get to know the way to reset your device. The described steps will helped you a lot.

Moreover, the area where hard and soft reset needs to apply. Also, the reasons can cause drifting in the Ps4 controller. Furthermore, the joystick plays an essential role in the gaming field that not only enhance its quality but also positively impact its growth and quality. So, what are you thinking here? Go and start calibrating your Ps4 controller and make your gaming professional.

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