How To Change HDMI Output To Input On Laptop 2023


Have you ever worried about your laptop using several ports? One is an HDMI port that usually allows you to watch your favorite channels on a bigger screen rather than the typical laptop screen.

How To Change HDMI Output To Input On Laptop?

In this article, we will explain to you how to change the HDMI laptop as an input that most users don’t know because it is typically used for output. So, stay with us to learn how to modify the HDMI output on the laptop?

What is HDMI?

HDMI is the abbreviation of High Definition Media Interface. HDMI provides an audio-video interface for the transmission of high-quality movies without compression.

For example, if you’ve downloaded an action thriller on your laptop and want to watch it with your friends, the laptop’s little screen does not do the thrilling video credit with a unique adventure.

What is the first thing that comes to mind as a solution? The solution is to link your laptop to your brand new TV set so that you may watch on the wider screen with your buddies. But how are you going to do it?

Basically, the innovation of cloud computing technology has shifted the way we access and use data. You may access your information from anywhere in the world through the internet connection with cloud computing.

Connecting your laptop to a TV through a cable is usually the more natural way and the name of this cable is HDMI cable, or simply HDMI.

Benefits of HDMI – A Multi Featured Port:

The most important advantage of HDMI is that it offers transmission of data without any compression. You can send and receive 4K videos from one device to another, which was previously impossible with prior video standards.

There is no need to connect multiple wires tangling and confusion only a single cable of HDMI transmits both video and audio. HDMI has an outstanding encrypted system, which allows information to be only received by the devices that are connected via the connection, and no other near device will show that data.

HDMI displays  RGB colors which give you vibrant colors and pictures that were impossible with previous video communication methods while HDMI is also compatible with interfaces, formats, and adapters different adapters, formats, and interfaces.

Basic Types of HDMI Cables/Connectivity:

Different varieties of HDMI cables are available on the market, we’ll go over the features of each one below:

1.) HDMI Standard:

This enables you to watch the video in 720p or 1080p resolution.

2.) HDMI Ethernet:

It offers many of the same features as the HDMI Standard, but it is additionally compatible with 100MBps networks.

3.) HDMI High Speed:

Higher-end video resolution compatibility supports 3D images as well as compatible with more bandwidth

4.) HDMI High-Speed ​​Ethernet:

It offers the same features as the previous one, but with the inclusion of compatibility with 100Mbps networks.

5.) HDMI Ultra High Speed:

The connections are used by the HDMI 2.1 cable, which supports 8K and up to 10K if compression video is used.

Do All Laptops Have HDMI Input?

Every laptop does not contain HDMI input, but they do have HDMI output ports. In reality, big companies like Acer, Lenovo, Asus, and even HP don’t have an HDMI port on their laptops. This is because laptops are designed to only accept visual signals from the motherboard and not from any other source when it comes to the video input.

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All laptops have output when it comes to VGA, HDMI, or video because your laptop screen’s only input is connected to the chip-set in your laptop. The only choice is to disconnect your laptop and connect the screen directly if you want an HDMI input. Otherwise, your laptop is just output-based for the connections.

Why Do You Require A Laptop with HDMI Input?

We need HDMI input in a laptop because some gamers want video games on the 4k display of their laptop. Some users claim they want to use their TV decoder output for more customized use on their laptop screen.

How to Change HDMI Output to Input on Laptop?

With your laptop and TV, you may use the HMDI connection in a new way for watching the movie. The following are a few of these methods:

1.) Connect Your Laptop To Your TV:

Well, connecting the laptop to the television is not a difficult operation; in fact, it is quite simple. Just connect one end of the HMDI cable to the television and the other to the laptop. You only have to make sure you choose the correct option on the TV. If the video does not play, you can select the appropriate option on the laptop display settings.

2.) Connect the Laptop with the Decoder:

If you don’t have a TV, you may watch your favorite channels on your laptop by connecting the decoder to the HMDI cable. You can watch TV with the support of this decoder.

3.) Play Game via Console:

With the HMDI input port in the laptop, you may play the games exclusively and you should link your HDMI with the console, and the other end to the laptop’s input port. Turn the console on, and the signals are converted to the console directly.

What Else You Need To Know:

1.) How do I Change my Computer Output to HDMI?

Select “Sounds” and the “Playback” tab by right-clicking the “Volume” icon on the Windows taskbar. To switch on the audio and video features for the HDMI connection, select “Digital Output Device (HDMI)” and then “Apply.”

2.) How can I Enable HDMI on my Windows 10?

Right-click on the taskbar’s volume icon. Pick Playback devices, then select Digital Output Device or HDMI in the newly opened Playback tab. Click OK after selecting Set Default. The HDMI sound output has now been set as the default.

3.) How do I change my all-in-one computer to HDMI?

Simply connect your HDMI output device and use the HDMI IN button under the bottom left-hand side of the display to switch the computer from PC to HDMI mode. Simply hold down the HDMI IN button to return to PC mode.

4.) Why is your Laptop is not connecting to your TV through HDMI?

First, you must go to PC/Laptop settings and choose HDMI as the default video and audio output connection. if it doesn’t work try first to boot the PC/Laptop and connect the HDMI cord with both the PC/Laptop and TV.


Well, we have done our best to learn how to convert your HDMI output to input. You must select which alternatives are right for you. All laptop HDMI ports are normally just output and cannot be converted into an input port directly. So, we need to utilize converters but also laptop hardware must be compatible. The software also allows wireless display sharing which is common for all devices. So, you don’t have to worry about the input from the laptop HDMI because you have so many choices!


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