How to do video projection in full daylight 2023


Projection in daylight is not common in our society but people would love this. Fitting your projectors outside of your homes or any specific destination is a good choice.

It may be for various purposes but setting your outdoor projectors in daylight is not as easy as in dark.

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How to do video projection in full daylight

You may need a projector that emits more than 5000 lumens. It’ll help manage the sharpness, brightness, and ratio of the screen.

How to do video projection in full daylight

In this reading, we are going to discuss video projection in daylight. If you want to know then continue to read this complete article. Let’s get started;

Can I do video projection in the daytime?

Yeah! It’s completely okay to do video projection in the daytime. The amount of luminosity that your projector emits will hardly affect video projection quality. Much brightness will be preferable to do projection in the daytime.

What is luminous?

The amount of brightness of light that can be measured is luminous. As we can say that without luminous, you can’t be able to project video directly in sunlight. It also demands any kind of stand that is out in the sunlight and avoids any existing projection.

Also, you can do projection under any shade bit away from direct daylight to increase quality. This will also use in past but can’t beat the efficiency of luminous.

What is ambient light?

Ambient light demands at least 5000 luminous to do video projection in an order. It is a well-improved mixture of sunlight or daylight that increase the intensity and contrast to produce a light and bright image. This is why projector screens work better in dark places.

Do I need to measure light for day projection?

The light should be dark enough to display the image on the projector screen. The display quality is perfect enough so that the natural daylight would not affect it. For this, first, we need to measure the brightness. Then, we need to compare it with sunlight or daylight.

Following are some important points described that you need to follow while measuring light;

  • Candela: The intensity of light emitted by any source in a single direction only.

  • Lumen: The light of flux or quantity that emit by any source. This is because most regular lights are single-directional while the shoot lights have a lot of different angles.

  • Lux: When a properly measured lumen is applied to any area then the emitted light gets dimmer as it falls on a large display area.

  • Nits: Nits are also the same as lumens that are used to brighten up the display area. You can measure and adjust the brightness with nits. Also to measure the surface where is not a pinch of light but yes a field of light.

  • Foot-Candle: It is similar to nits that use the imperial system to measure the light brightness.

These are the few points that you need to remember while measuring brightness. Moreover the measurement system follow 1 Foot-candle = 1 Lumen = 10 Lux. 

What is the best time of day to do daylight video projection?

There is no limited time to watch video on the projector screen. You can fix your projector anytime and anywhere you want. Every time will provide you with a better viewing quality.

Only if you fix it in a proper direction by measuring the brightness level. The lux reading you need in moon time is 0.0001 lux, and clear night is 0.36 lux. In-home theaters you need 50 to 250 lux, in overcast days you need 1000 lux. While in bright and direct sun daylight, you need 32000 to 100,000 lux.

Things you need to do while doing a video projection in daylight

Following are the few things described below that you need to follow while setting your projector screen for daylight video projections. They describe techniques that will lead to good results;

Weather Projection 

The weather should not be adverse to the area where you want to fix your projector screen. Extreme hotness outside may be unbearable so you not enjoy your daytime video projection. Moreover, rainy or windy weather is also not good for video projection.

Rainwater and high wind can damage the projector screen. Choosing calm and cloudy weather that feels good and spread positive vibes is suitable for daytime video projection.

Right time of a day

It is not as effective as weather conditions and not necessary to act on it. Instead, it is good to choose a suitable time to increase your viewing quality.

However, it is not restricted but if you want to watch your full-day video projection from 9 am to 4 pm then you need to fix any tents or shade for better results.

While it is okay to do video projection at any time because the brightness in winter is not the same as in summer. Make sure that your projector will emit more than 5000 lumens that enhance projection quality.

Clean the projector screen

A spot or dirt on the projection screen disturbs the viewing quality. That is why it is instructed to clean the projector screen before mounting or fixing it. For cleaning, you can use any cloth, or tissue with screen cleaning spray.

A dirty screen also irritates the eyes and disturbs see characters. Moreover, you can use warm water to clean the screen. Different sprays are also available that provide a great cleansing.

Reflective display

After doing the above describe things, you need to check whether your projector screen has a reflective display or not. If your projector emits more than 5000 lumens then this screen would go for a reflective display.

Reflective screens have the power to fend off daylight or bright sunlight. It’ll increase the picture quality that gathers the attention of the user. The reflective display screen will increase your outdoor video projection quality in full daylight. 


For outside video projection, you may need to pick a projector that provides you same results to watch from any angle. The screen should provide the same results for every single viewing person. These types of screens are available in markets and mostly used in theaters.

You can use this for your projector screen to watch anything more clearly. It provides a 160-degree viewing area that helps to sit viewers on their seats and watch the complete video projection.

Type of projector screen

If everything is perfect then it’s time to check the type of projection screen that you have. Several types of projectors are available in the market.

Pick one that can deal with every situation of weather, quality, and light. Inflatable, tripod, and hung are the few common types of projector screens.

Adequate sound system

The screen is an important factor for doing outdoor video projection in full daylight but we can also not neglect the importance of sound. For doing video projection, you need to set up an adequate sound system that provides a soft, smooth but clear sound.

The sound help people to understand what they want to say and what they are watching. You can also fit your audio sound system in a shady area to prevent bad weather conditions but the sound will be loud.

Why my projector does not work in full day light?

If your projector doesn’t work well in daylight then it is because of ambient light. Also, if the lumens of your projector is less than 5000 then you’ll not able to see good results. That is why projectors are mostly considered for dark areas or nights and don’t work well in daylight.

Is the outdoor projector screen should be bright?

If you want to fit your projector screen outside or thinking to purchase a new one for outdoor video projection then you must need to check its lumens. If the lumens is more than 5000 and it can brighten up and reflect images or videos as needed then you can go ahead with it.

Projection in daylight is different and demands powerful conditions and bright ambient lights. This will prevent sunlight or daylight from the porch or affect your screen.


That’s all about this reading and here we are going toward the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed this reading and am happy to find this helpful. In today’s reading, we discussed all the ways to do video projection in full daylight.

If you don’t have a projector screen then you can go ahead with any of its alternatives or purchase any outdoor monitors that work according to the environment.

You can also go with LED walls or screens with high picture quality and luminosity. Keep remember not to do the outdoor setup in rainy weather otherwise, you’ll not get good results.

Not only for work but also you can set outside video projection for entertainment purposes. Watch movies, games, and matches with your dear ones and enjoy your living. Set any desirable outdoor location and start making your screen time more enjoyable.

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