How to make a homemade projector screen with mirror 2023


What if you want to watch something on a big screen theater but the seats are full.

If you want to watch something on the big screen with your family but don’t want to do it outside.

In this kind of case, a home theater or projector cheers up your mood.

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how to make a homemade projector screen with mirror

How to make a homemade projector screen with a mirror?

Moreover, having and setting up a brand-new projector is not affordable for everyone. Also, it is not recommended to purchase a new projector for single-time use.

You can easily be made your home projector just by the use of simple things. If you want to know about then you are on the right path. Here, we are going to discuss all the ways to dye a home projector with a mirror. Let’s get started to discuss;

What things do you need for a home projector?

Whenever you are going to make something at home then try to assemble all the required tools and materials. It’ll get much easier to start with already assembled material. The components that you need to make a homemade projector with a mirror are pretty simple and easy to find.

Things that you need to start include;

  • Cardboard box
  • Mirror
  • Magnifying glass
  • Smartphone
  • Scissors
  • Phone holder
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Type or glue
  • Black matte paper

  Steps to make a homemade projector screen with a mirror

After purchasing and settling all the components, you need to go through the steps of a homemade projector screen with a mirror. If you follow the same described procedure then you’ll get a good quality homemade projector with a mirror.

Cut the cardboard box

Take your cardboard box or any rectangular shoe box. Cut it into a circle from the center. Keep remembering that the size of a circle would be the same as the size of your magnifier glass.

Draw a diameter of a circle with the help of a pencil by placing the magnifying glass on it. After that cut it with the help of a knife and scissors. Keep calm by doing all the steps because if the hole will not be perfect then your magnifying glass with not be fixed in it.

Make a support

Your lens cannot get fit without any support. For this, you need to cut a long strip of cardboard. Fold and tape it around the box with a space to fit the lens. With this, you can easily fit your lens as it’ll not able to move and disturb your motion of watching.

Cover the interior of the box

This step is to cover the box interior with a black pinch. The dark color of the interior of the box will stop the light to get inside. This will protect your projection from ambient light, reflection, depletion, and dull image quality.

For coloring, you can use any kind of black paint. Apply two coats of it and leave it to dry. If you don’t have black paint then you may go ahead with a black paper sheet. Fix it all in the box with the help of glue.

Keep remembering not to let any single corner, hole, or side otherwise it’ll not provide you with the same results.

 Place a mirror

This is the important step that you need to do correctly. Spread the glue on the base of the box then place the mirror on the opposite side of the lens area. Make sure to put the mirror at a 45-degree angle.

Moreover, place the lens on the hole. If it is still not tight enough and chances to move from its place then fix it with tape or glue. On the other hand, if you don’t know the way to adjust the angle then look at the lens from the mirror. If it is visible then place it.

Design a phone holder 

It is better to purchase a well-made phone holder from the market. The adjustable height and size will allow you to adjust it according to your need. A phone holder is used to provide you with a proper reflection in the mirror. It can be made at home but it will consume some of your time.

For making a homemade phone holder, you would need some wood bars, and straws and design it a few millimeters less than the size of your screen. So that it can hold the phone properly without cropping its display.

Position the image

Here is a testing time. Check the image position by turning your mobile device on. Check the quality of the picture that your homemade projector screen with mirror is producing. If the quality is blurry or not enough good then you need to flip your phone near or far from the lens. This will surely help you.

Cover the homemade projector in cardboard

As we know that if lights can get in the box, it will ruin the quality of the projection. Especially when you have a bright area around like windows then cover your projector with any cardboard. As the projector will provide bright and sharp images on the dark surface.

Start enjoying

That’s all and your homemade projector is ready. It hardly took 1 hour and you are done with all the setup. Now you can place it anywhere and project it on any projection screen. If you don’t have a projection screen then you may go with any blank wall. A white color wall without any rough surface would be best for it.

If you want to sharpen images then you can keep your projector near the projection wall or you can also adjust it according to your need.

Which type of lenses do I need for projectors?

For making homemade projectors, the lens should be an important thing in which you need to invest. In projectors, you need something that displays your image in a bigger size without disturbing its sharpness and quality. Convex lenses and optical lenses consider a good fit for this purpose.

It produced a magnified image by enlarging the picture size. A convex lens is mostly used for projection as it provides great display quality without damaging the picture. Also, the general focal length of the projecting lens is 50 to 140. That will make it easy to work.

Why my homemade project is giving inverted video?

The biggest reason for projecting the inverted video from your homemade project is that the mirror fixed inside is not fitted correctly.

Go and check out whether the placement of the mirror is okay or not. If it’s not or the mirror is not in its place then the inverted image is because the image directly hit with the lens and formed a cone shape image. That’s why it is recommended to place a mirror opposite from the lens with an angle of 45 degrees. 

Do homemade projectors work well?

Homemade projectors can be made in various ways. Some ways are quite interesting while others are time-wasting. If you choose an accurate method and designed your projector with proper management then it will surely work well.

For getting a well-working homemade projector, you need to insert a good quality material in it. If you did this and insert a high-quality lens mirror and camera in it then it’ll provide you satisfying results that will be quite nearer to the market projectors.


Which magnifying glass will be good for homemade projectors with mirrors?

A magnifier in a projector helps to improve its quality. It’ll help to zoom, enlarge and reduce the picture size. Multiple types of magnifiers are available in the market but everyone cannot be used for this purpose.

For making a homemade projector screen with a mirror, we would recommend you use an AASA magnifier glass. This is made by a high production quality that can also be affected by different projection techniques. To dye a projector screen, this option will quite effective as well as cheaper.

Can I make my projector screen clearer?

If you are not satisfied by completing all the steps and fishing the setting or wanted something more clear and brighten then, the only thing you can do is increase your smartphone’s brightness.

It’ll improve the picture quality and make it clear. Moreover, try to set the projector near a wall or watch in a fully dark area. These few points will help you and make the projection clearer.

The bottom line

Here, we are going toward the finishing of this article. I hope you enjoyed this and are happy to find this reading helpful. In this reading, we discussed the easiest way to make a projector at home with a mirror. This step-by-step procedure will allow you to make a well-designed projector similar to market projectors.

Yes, you’ll not get the same quality as market projectors but its quality is not much bad which means you can use it for your personal use. With this, you can also enjoy your favorite show, serial, or documentary on a big screen at any time. So, why are you standing here? Go and make your projectors and make your living easier.



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