How to make a projector screen frame 2023


The idea of outdoor projection and watching a movie with your dear ones is amazing. You can also do it for sleepovers, bonfires, and meetings or to play all-night video games. For this, you need to set up a projector screen there. That cost much.

If you don’t have enough budget for purchasing a projector frame then don’t need to worry. I am here to tell you the cheapest way to make a projector screen frame by yourself. Let’s get started discussing;

How to make a projector screen frame

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Steps to make a projector screen frame

Making a projector screen frame is not much expensive. Also, you can easily make it in a very short time. Here are the few steps described that will instruct you on the procedure;

  • Measure and Mark

The very first step is to measure the length of your projector screen. Measure the length and mark it but make sure that the length of the frame should be 5 inches more than the screen. This gap is used to pull the thread and tie the screen. Take PVC pipes for making a projection screen frame and mark all the dimensions on it.

  • Cut the pipes

Now, this step is to cut the marked PVC pipes. Take a hand saw and cut the pipes accordingly. Take a separate pipe and cut 4 two inches of pipes as well.

  • Add Elbow 

Fix the two elbows on the end of horizontal directional pipes. For this, you can use PVC cement too. Wipe an even coat of cement properly and let it dry.

  • Glue short pieces

Unscrew the four union fittings to separate the halves. Then attach the 2 inches pipe piece with half of the union fitting that has the nut attached. There are no hard and fast rules to fix this. Only try to keep the nut direction at the corner and add some PVC cement in all of its corners and attach a union fitting to assemble it.

  • Glue pieces to vertical

We already assembled the horizontal pieces. Now, it’s the step to glue up the vertical pipes. Use glue to the next half of the union fitting on the end of vertical pipes.

  • Add eye bolt

Eyebolt should be needed to mount the frame at any structure. Use any drill and hole in the pipes at the corner with a 45-degree angle. You can also use a washer or nut and repeat this procedure on all four sides.

  • Tie all the parts

Make a union fitting and fit everything in a frame shape. Stand it anywhere you want. Insert the screen in it, tie or fix it for movie time.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about this reading. I hope you enjoyed this and are happy to find this helpful. In this reading, we all discussed the procedure of making a projector screen frame. You can also make a projector screen stand by yourself just clicking on this . So, why are you thinking? Enjoy your time and make your time more wonderful.



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