how to make projector screen stand 2023


how to make projector screen stand

how to make projector screen stand

A good projector is not enough to get experience with a high-quality projection. For this, you also need a projector screen along with a perfect angling projector screen stand.

A projector screen stand will help you hold your projector screen, provide a great display as well as improve vision.

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Projector screen stands can easily be found in stores but they are too expensive to purchase, these may cost more than $100 that you can purchase . That’s why we are here with this super cool reading.

In this reading, we are going to discuss the easiest way to make a projector screen stand. If you want to get one then save your money by following these steps. Let’s get a start;

Steps to make a projector screen stand 

Here are a few steps that you need to follow when you go ahead to make a projector screen stand. Let’s get started;


         The first step to making a projector screen stand is to measure the dimensions of the projector screen. The dimension of the frame should be 5” more than the size of the projection screen.

It will help to stretch the projection screen and tie it to the projector screen stand. Go ahead and mark the size of the PVC pipes.


         Cut the PVC pipes with the help of any blade or hand saw. Moreover, you also need to cut four two inches of pipes too.



        Use T connectors to connect all of the pipes. Instead, you can also use any PVC connecting glue to connect it with the corners of the plastic. Keep sure that the pipes are cut in equal sizes.


        Make the legs of the stand frame by adding three PVC pipes and forming them in a triangular shape. Then, brace their legs with a 45-degree connector.


        Stand it straight and that’s all your projector screen stand is ready. Now you can fit any projector screen on it and enjoy it.

What general size that I need to choose for making a projector screen stand?

If you want to make a projector screen stand for personal use then It should be the size of 7 * 14 inches. The vertical length should be 7” while the horizontal size can go to 14”. Otherwise, if you want to design your screen stand for a whole community then you can change its size as needed.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about this reading. I hope you found it fun and are now able to make a projector screen stand by yourself. That described step-by-step procedure is general. If you want to change something then go ahead and create it as you want.

You can be made it by following different templates as well as decorating it with different colors. You can also mount it anywhere you want outside or inside the location and enjoy your projection there.

So why are you standing here? Go and dye your projector screen stand and enjoy your time.



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