How to make the projector screen smaller 2023


How to make the projector screen smaller

How to make the projector screen smaller?

Is your projector displaying images larger than your screen? And have you become fed up because of poor quality? And you are wondering about how you can adjust the projector to fit the screen? It is not a big task to adjust the size of your screen.

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The basic purpose of the projector is to give you a cinematic view at your home, office, etc. This gives you the benefit to adjust the size according to your need. Therefore, this flexibility helps you to have a better image view either on a small or large screen.

So, how to make the projector screen smaller?

These two methods can help you modify the size of your projector. First, adjust the position of your projector. Secondly, set up your zoom lens settings to get a small view of your image.

Ways to modify the size of images on the projector screen

The size of the image is completely depending on the ratio of your projector. If the image is too blurry and is too large from the actual size of your screen, you should look for the mentioned below solutions.

Adjust the position of the projector

The position of your projector largely determines how your image going to appear on a screen. If you want your image to be clearer and small in size, adjust the position of your projector.

Make sure the distance between your projector and the screen is shorter if you want it to be small and readable. However, if you want it to be large, place the projector little far from the screen to get the size of your choice.

After adjusting the position of your projector, you may get a blurry image. You should look into the settings and modify the focus point to get a clear and sharp image.

Now, sit back and enjoy your time peacefully.

Note: This method only works on mobile and tripod-type projectors. If you have another type of projector try adjusting the zoom lens settings, which I am going to discuss below.


Adjust the Projector’s zoom lens settings

Are you looking to modify the size of a semi-permeant projector? And are you worried too much to get the desired size of an image on your screen? Currently, almost all projector models have a zoom lens available.

This makes it too easy to change the size of the screen either too large, large, or small. Most of these projectors have a remote that helps you to resize the screen.

There are further two main features of a zoom lens projector, you should consider.

Optical Zoom

Have you ever wondered how to make the projector screen bigger or smaller without moving the projector? The optical lens allows you to increase and decrease the size of an image manually through the lens. The specification can reach up to 2x or 2.1x.

Although the distance between the projector and the screen can vary, you can alter the size of an image. Make sure to adjust the focal length to get the required size of an image on your screen. Then, maintain the focus point to get a high-quality image.

The optical lens alters the size of an image by manipulating the light. It does not stretch or compress an image to have a bigger or smaller image. So, the resolution of the image does not affect and it shows a bright and clear image on your screen.

Digital Zoom

maybe you are thinking about which lens should you use to make the projector image smaller. In a digital zoom lens, the projector compressed the image to shrink its size. It gives you the small and proper size you need for your small screen.

Also, when the digital zoom increases the size, it stretches the image to fill up the screen space. As it helps to increase the throw distance and gives flexibility. Even though you have placed the projector close to your screen, the digital zoom lens helps you to fix the image on the screen.

By decreasing the throw distance while placing the projector closer, you can still have a large-sized image. This lens reduces the resolution of an image, which is why the quality of the image affects it.

The digital zoom lens is cheaper compared to optical lenses, but the optical lens has more efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I adjust the projector screen angle?

After positioning the projector in the right place, you may notice distortion on the screen. This is commonly occurring when you manually set the lens of your projector. The very first thing you need to do is adjust the angle of your projector.

Most of the time projectors contain two or four feet beneath the projector. Make sure that all the feet are at an equal level to get a bright and clear image.

I am going to discuss some simple steps; you need to follow to modify the projector angle successfully.

  • First, turn the power on your projector
  • Secondly, display the image on the screen.
  • Now, depending on the distortion level, you need to screw the feet of the projector in or out to get a high-quality image.
  • Make sure that the screen is leveled up, and then align horizontally the front feet of your projector.
  • You should adjust the front feet until you get a perfect image display.

How to adjust the angle on a ceiling-mounted projector?

Ceiling-mounted projectors are the ones fixed on a ceil. It is impossible to change the angle of an image by adjusting feet because they have a fixed position.

You can change the angle using the adjustable joint, which suspends the projector. Use the joint to adjust the angle of an image.

Why is my projector Zoomed in and Out?

Have you ever wondered why your projector image is too small and too large? And do not know how to fix it? Whenever you project your PowerPoint presentation slides, your projector does not support the full-screen feature.

There are two main reasons behind it.

  • First, the zoom level of your projector is either too high or low. Adjust the zoom level of your project as per your requirement to get a perfect screen size. Make sure to choose a lower level range, if the image is too zoomed in. Otherwise, increase the range to a higher level, if it is too zoomed out.
  • Secondly, you should ensure that the resolution of PowerPoint is the same as your projector resolution to get a clear and desired rectangular-sized image. Set your computer’s resolution same as your projector’s resolution.

Why my projector is not showing a full-screen display?

Is not your project displaying full-screen? Do not panic. First of all, match the ratio of your projector and source device. If they both are the same, it means your device can have a full-screen display. If they do not match, the projector will show up a half-screen display of your image.

Another reason could be the wrong placement of your projector. Maybe you have positioned it in the wrong direction and too far from your screen. Ensure to reset the position and set it a little bit closer to your screen to get the desired display size. Moreover, look at your VGA cable as it usually changes the ratio of your screen. If the problem is not solved yet, try using an HDMI cable to have better screen resolutions.

Lastly, check the resolution and screen size of your computer to fix the problem.

How can I get my Epson projector to fit on the screen?

If your Epson projector not displaying the full-screen feature, look for the settings. Go into the settings option and select the right screen size you want for your screen.

Secondly, look for the scaling option to get a square-shaped screen size. Ensure that the aspect ratio of your Epson projector is locked and has the same level as an output device.

From the full-screen setting, select the zoomed-out option and change the size of your screen.

Lastly, use the remote to change the size using the zoom-in and zoom-out buttons.


The distance between the projector and the screen describes the size of the image on the screen. If you want your image projected to be large, place the projector a little bit far from your screen. For a small image display, bring your projector closer to the screen.

After giving the right position to your projector, set up the settings to have a clear and sharp image projection. These two ways can help you to enlarge and reduce image size.


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