How to Mount a Projector Screen without Drilling 2023


Projectors are used in almost every industry for displaying presentations, animations, filming, etc. sometimes, we need to transfer the projector’s place or need to mount it to any other location. That’s why most people want to know the way to mount their projectors on the wall without drilling.

How to Mount a Projector Screen without Drilling

If you want to mount a projector on any specific wall permanently then you can go ahead and start drilling. On the other side, if you want to replace the place of the projector according to your work then it is not good to start drilling everywhere.

That is why I am here to tell you the easiest way to mount a projector without drilling. If you want to know then let’s continue this reading;

Can I mount a projector screen without drilling?

Mounting projectors by drilling is not good. There are hundreds of ways that allow you to mount a projector screen without drilling. All the methods are inexpensive, portable, and also not required any maintenance. 

How to Mount a Projector Screen without Drilling

What is projector screen mounting?

The projector is a large display screen that can use instead of the monitor. It provides a large viewing area to display data or anything of a big size. Projector screens are mostly mounted by drills and projector mounts.

A projector mount is a metallic structure that supports the projector and hangs it on a wall, ceiling or any kind of projector stand.

You can go with projector mounting stands, hanging strips, and various other ways for non-drilling mounting tasks. Moreover, this will also provide you with a portable facility to take it wherever you want.

Ways to mount a projector screen without drilling

Here, I am going to describe some ways that you can use to mount your projector screen without drilling.

1. Use of stand for mounting a projector screen

The most reasonable option to mount the projector screen without drilling is by the stand. These stands are safe and easy to carry.

Moreover, you can easily purchase it from the market or any online store within budget prices. Installation of a projection screen on the stand is not complex. An unprofessional can easily fit it and use it for various tasks.

The mounting stands are light in weight that is easy to carry. You can easily take it along to meetings, movies, presentations, or any get-together.

2. Use of hard wall hangers

Fitting your projector screen without mounting can also be done by using hard wall hangers. In this process, we use small nails for fixing the screen in its place. Nails are small in size and need focus to be seen.

In the hard wall hangers, nails are already attached to the hanger. The only thing you need is to tap the hanger on the wall before mounting the screen. These hangers can easily carry around 60 inches.

The unfortunate thing is that these hangers are preferable to use for long-term fixing as it is not portable. That is why it is preferable to make a proper measurement before mounting.

3. Use of hanging strips

Hanging strips are the cheapest way to fix the projector screen without drilling. These are not commonly used for hanging projector screens but they can be used for this purpose too.

For fitting it, you need to clean the area properly by using a dry cloth. After that, you may go and attach the strips half with the area and the remaining with the projector’s screen. Hold and press it for a few seconds so that it can get fixed properly.

Now, you can enjoy your screen but this process is not able to carry from one place to another. If you want then you would need to replace the hanging tape.

4. Using L-Shape wall hangers

If you are not satisfied with the stand then these L-shape wall hangers would be your choice. This can be a great alternative for you. L-Shape wall hangers can easily fix on the screen as an L shape posture.

This hanger can be purchased online or from any shop at a budget price. Its stylish appearance also enhances its beauty by providing a well-organized look.

Once you fitted the L-shape wall hanger then it’ll fit perfectly that allows you to hang your projector screen on with easy maintenance.

5. Use of brick clamps

If the place where you want to fix the projector’s screen without drilling is made of bricks then brick clamps would be a perfect choice for you. It’ll work best with exposed bricks.

Brick clamps are the cheapest, fast and preferable way to mount the projector screen without drilling. For this, you need to measure the mortar’s depth with brick clamps. After that hang it manually but carefully.

The note to keep in mind is that some brick clamps are changed that’s why the hanging process may also be changed. Also, you can read the installation process on instruction paper or get information through the manufacturer.

6. Command Hooks

Command hooks are a pretty easy way to install a projector’s screen without drilling. These hooks are portable and easy to remove whenever you want. The weight of these hooks is less than 15 pounds but able to carry your projector’s screen adequately.

These hooks are measurement free. It means the length of your screen does not matter as you can adjust it in your way. The thing you only need to stick the hooks wherever you want by doing proper measurements and then fit your projector’s screen easily.

Moreover, you can increase or decrease the number of hooks according to the size or weight of the screen for safety purposes.

Why I should go to the non-drilling option?

Making holes in your wall is not a choice for everyone. Also, fitting a projector’s screen along the wall can be done in various other describe ways. That not only make your wall clean also you can remove it and take it anywhere you want.

Moreover, drilling is not allowed in offices, apartments, rented homes, and outdoor events. That is why we try to use non-drilling techniques to mount the project screens there.

Which non-drilling technique is everlasting?

While going toward the non-drilling mounting, you’ll see thousands of options. These options are easy to purchase, fix and implement both professional and regular work.

Sometimes, we cannot select the best one for ourselves. To sort this problem, I’ll always recommend you to go with a stand option.

Mounting stands are considered top rated non-drilling way to adjust your projector’s stand. It will also allow you to carry it anywhere you want. You can also adjust it according to the desired size length.

Where should I mount my projector?

The direction or angle is a really important point to discuss when you want to fix your projector’s screen. If you didn’t fit it in the right place then you may also not get the attractive and peaceful result.

The first thing that you need to focus on is the angle of light. Then, try to avoid the places with the crowd and hang them in a dark and silent place where you get less interruption.

How much it costs to mount a projector screen?

Projector screens are large but light in weight. That is why it is not hard to install it. Installing a projector screen can be done simply on your own. If you don’t know then you may call a manufacturer or worker.

After doing some research, we came to know that the approximate cost to mount a projector screen is $100 to $500. The advantage is that this screen fixing can easily be done in a few minutes. It takes hardly 20 to 30 minutes.

Is drilling better than standing for the project screen?

Both drilling and stand are good but depend on the need. If you want to fix it permanently and don’t need to change its position for years then you can go ahead with a drilling option.

Instead, if you want a screen temporarily or want something portable then the stand option is good for you.

The bottom line

That’s all about this reading. In this reading, we discussed all the projector screens. Also, the easiest way to mount it is without drilling. I hope you are happy after knowing all the processes and now you can select the best fitting non-drilling way for yourself.

It is completely on you what you choose. Moreover, try to purchase a high-quality product so that it’ll work perfectly in long term and doesn’t waste your money. So, what are you thinking here? Go and fit your projector screen and make your living easier.



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