How To Use A Laptop In Bed Without Overheating 2023


Well, what could be more relaxing than sitting in your cozy bed and using your laptop? It feels so relieved to watch your favorite movie, serial, seasons on your laptop by sitting in your comfortable pose.

Actually, apart from these entertainment factors, many freelancers and students also produce their work by using laptops in bed. Anyhow, the purpose of using the laptop can be varied but the problem caused by this use is the same: OVERHEATING OF THE LAPTOPS.

How To Use A Laptop In Bed Without Overheating?

Are you also on the same list? Are you wondering about how to use a laptop in bed without overheating? Easy peasy!

This laptop covered the most straightforward and practical tips on preventing the laptop from overheating.

Let’s explore them!

Why Your Laptop Overheat In Bed- Crack The Logic Behind It?

If you are here to crack the tips on how to use a laptop in bed without overheating then you must also know the reason that heats the laptop because it will help you to understand the solution comprehensively.

1.) Soft Surface And Laptop:

Actually, every laptop contains some holes/slots at its bottom that helps in air ventilation and this air cross keeps your laptop cool but when these vents get covered (due to any reason) the warm air remains inside the laptop, and then it heats up.

So, bear in mind, your laptop needs a consistent airflow to stay cool- when you put your laptop on a mattress, the mattress acts as an insulator that blocks the laptop vents and due to this barrier, the laptop gets heated.

A mushy and soft surface is an enemy of your laptop.

If you look keenly, you will find small feet underneath your laptop; the purpose of these feet is to maintain a minor gap between your laptop and the surface it rests on.

Since a bed mattress is not firm, it presses down and messes the circulation when you put your laptop over it.

2.) Hard Surface and Laptop:

On the contrary to the soft surface, if you put your laptop on a hard plain surface, the air keeps flowing which keeps the laptop cool for longer.

What Are The Consequences Of The Overheated Laptops?

  • When your laptops that heated their lifespan gets reduced.
  • An overheated laptop starts hanging and interrupting while you are working.
  • An overheated laptop can also catch the fire.
  • There are chances that heat will damage the internal machinery of the laptop.

However, no need to be worried at all, follow one of our useful tips on how to use your laptop in bed without overheating and kick off all your worries.

How to Use Laptop in Bed Without Overheating?

As we adore mentioned, there is no need to worry about the over

Heated laptop because various solutions keep your laptop heated and meanwhile also let you use them in the bed.

So here we start!

1.) Build your Own Sturdy Place- Use Home Materials:

We have extracted a fact, to avoid e laptop overheating issues, a laptop should be avoided to place on a soft surface but a sturdy surface must be preferred.

To combat this situation, we have brought an easier and cost-effective way. Use your books or magazine to build a quick homemade desk for your laptop.


Though it seems quick, straightforward, and cost-effective, looking deep into the ground realities, it is a risky solution as this temporary bookrack can make a laptop fall at any time.

2.) Using a Laptop Desk- Multitasking Stand:

Here, we are going to discuss another stable and reliable solution, a small lap desk, of a sturdy surface which is compulsory for a laptop to run efficiently.

  • These lap desks are pretty affordable; thus, provide the best bang for your buck.
  • Aside from preventing the laptop from heating, these lap desks also protect your laptop from knocking off.
  • These lap desks are an outstanding accessory for particularly those who are looking for a solution that can let them work on their laptop in bed regularly.
  • One more ideal use of these multitasking desks is that you can use them for breakfast, reading the newspaper, and browsing your tablet, etc.

3.) Get a Laptop Bed Stand- An Outstanding Sturdy Surface:

Laptops become challenging for those who want to use them off of the desk set.

Even using a laptop on the lap of a bed is not good for health as consistently looking at the laptop screen, which is below your eye level, can exert pressure on your eyes and the neck.

You can also get a wrist strain while typing on the surface which is too high or low. Above all, using a laptop on a mushy surface is also bad for your spine.

To deal with such problems, you can buy a laptop bed stand, which is an accurate choice for keeping your posture correct and for preventing the laptop from overheating.

This flexible bed stand gives you the ease to tilt your laptop in a position that is good for faster typing, neck rest, and eye peace.

Bonus: Bed stands are quite similar to lap desks but bed stands provide you more control and let you adjust the laptop in a situation that is suitable to your posture; moreover, it is completely health-friendly.

4.) Cooling Pads- A Must-Having Laptop Essential:

Cooling pads maintain your laptop’s temperature and also reduce its noise during its operating hours.

Cooling pads are an adorable choice for power users; these pads can be used with a combination of sturdy surfaces so a gamer can easily play hi-fi gaming without getting worried about laptop overheating.

The laptop stands serve you partially but if you have a powerful laptop and perform heavy-duty tasks having billing pads are also essential.

So we have served you with the best ways How To Use A Laptop In a Bed Without Overheating; you can go along any of the ways but keep ensuring that your laptop doesn’t need any service. Getting your laptop’s service after 6 months is crucial as it helps your laptop move smoothly without getting stuck or overheated.

Aside from a book rack, laptop desk, bed stand, or cooling pad, you can also try Using a nightstand or hooking up your laptop with a TV. These both are also worthier and practical solutions.

Final Words:

There is not a second opinion of the statement that every laptop heats but some heat more in less time but a few are having good abilities to fight with unwanted scenarios and remain cool for longer. Anyhow, both situations are alarming for the laptop.

This overheating is particularly faced when a laptop is kept on the bed. Therefore, this article covers the solutions that will help you to keep your laptop even in bed.

So read these laptop cooling methods one after another and pick an optimum (lap desk, bed stand, cooling pad, nightstand) to enable your laptop to stay cool even in bed.

These methods will keep the temperature of your laptop down but your mood and productivity will always remain up!

So have fun with your cool laptop by staying in your comfort zone.


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